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Urban Fishing Demo
Author: Eric Submitted: 4th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 231

Edited By Eric on 6/6/2003

Edited By Eric on 6/6/2003

I have decided to take a break from my Caveman Tactics game and cook this up. Its a fishing game, in which you drive around looking for places to fish. There is only one place to fish in this demo however, since it is pretty much just a test to see if I should go on further with this or not. To fish, press space to cast out, then when you hook a fish, repeatedly press space to reel it in. Then just leave the area and you will have to gut it. To gut it, pull the hook out with the plyers by holding the mouse and pulling it out. Then just cut the fishs underside with the knife. There are two places you can go into, the big building where you get supplies, and the fish buyer, where you can either sell it, or have him cook it up and then have you eat it. Please just leave comments of what you think of it, I know there are bugs with the cars that go around the city.

Also, if you play it in the day, it will be daytime, if you play it in the night it will be night time.

And the game does not actually have that white outline, its actually black, but that makes it transparent so it appears white on a white background. If you want go to to see a somewhat better version of these screenshots.

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Posted by Assault Andy 5th June, 2003

Well, i can't find one place to fish. But the driving around is fun. Lol.
Posted by Georgie 5th June, 2003

I cant fish. I find the place, then hit almost all my keyboard buttons. Help me here please, it looked very nice already (I couldnt tell front from back of car though).
Posted by Eric 5th June, 2003

Alright, Press space to cast out, then when a fish gets hooked just start repeatedly pressing space to reel it in.
Posted by Smeggy 5th June, 2003

Great fun..
Posted by Smeggy 5th June, 2003

Great fun..
Posted by Klikmaster 5th June, 2003

where is the place 2 fish? i found a sort of pond
Posted by Eric 5th June, 2003

Just keep driving to east.
Posted by Lew 5th June, 2003

URBAN KYAKING, w00t w00t
Posted by jani kiurameri 5th June, 2003

Posted by Eric 5th June, 2003

Yeah I know the cars bugs a bastard, and sometimes fish fly into the air, I fixed most of them already.
Posted by Eric 5th June, 2003

And please, no more idiotic comments, more constructive critizism, I need to know whether is worth continuing or not.
Posted by Rhys D 6th June, 2003

the white outlines make the game look really ugly
Posted by Chedich 6th June, 2003

I agree with Rhys.
Posted by Eric 6th June, 2003

It only looks like that in the screenshots, its because its black, and that makes it transparent so it looks white, but it doesnt look like that in the actual game.
Posted by christopher 6th June, 2003

ahhhhhh how do you get out of the car at the pond?
Posted by Eric 6th June, 2003

You dont go to the pond, yet, it is supposed to be blocked off but the file got somewhat corrupted and somethings messed up, just keep driving east like I said earlier.
Posted by Rhys D 7th June, 2003

ok then. tell me why the street pole is laying on the ground in the last screenshot?
Posted by Eric 7th June, 2003

I just changed it so people would know what it was, it looked like a light sticking out of the ground.
Posted by pr0 7th June, 2003

the gfx are so nice.
Posted by Digital Dream software 17th February, 2005

okay..... so i can go off the edges of the screen and get lost... and its too dark even if its night time its too dark.





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