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Nick lub
Author: nick Submitted: 18th March, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 130

A cool adventure game , with a guy named nick lubbers...
just play , its very cool

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Posted by TomH 18th March, 2003

Your selling you game to the people very well Nick
Posted by nick 19th March, 2003

it's not my real name , but every body calls me like this , Long story.....
Posted by Lew 19th March, 2003

What he means is, no screenshots, no description, the only bit of info we have is that its an adventure game with a guy called nick...check out some other games on the site with good descriptions, and next time use more info.
Posted by Lew 19th March, 2003

I just downloaded sister is epileptic, and walked in the room-i had to basically cover the screen, as she has seen something like this before and had a serious are some weird dickhead, and note the title of the site...create GAMES, not create a weird epileptic fit induced application that involves and ugly head jumping around pointlessly on a few platforms...fool.
Posted by DaveC 20th March, 2003

poor, u suck
Posted by nick 20th March, 2003

well, atleast the platform movement is the boss , no standard crappy shit...
Posted by jeffrey 20th March, 2003

he's got a point right there , his platform movement is better then the standard Mmf movement
Posted by error404 20th March, 2003

LEw has a VERY VERY VERY good point
Posted by error404 20th March, 2003

LEw has a VERY VERY VERY good point
Posted by DaveC 22nd March, 2003

your mum is standard crappy shit
Posted by Rane 22nd March, 2003

OK..wats with the pooma thow thing it's not a game it's useless...that's 2 mins. I'll never get back...I'm trying to say the game sucks
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 8th April, 2003

hmm now it says file not found? what the hell did you do to this man?




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