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Author: HardshouldeR Submitted: 2nd May, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 186

Edited By HardshouldeR on 5/3/2003

This ones for all the shriners out there...
Swimmingspool is a collection of minigames and is NOT intended to be taken seriously. It is a tribute to bad games / graphics / design, made with no target audience in mind (aside from Mr. H fans - and it's possible nobody will enjoy it at all. Narcotics may improve playabilty.

Arrow Keys - Move
Space Bar - Action
Alt F4 - Exit

HardshouldeR - Production, Art & Design
Foogirl - Art & Design
Ptoing - Voice Acting
Tenshi - Voice Acting
w0mp - Voice Acting
P. Clark - Voice Acting
Toshax - Several Crow Names
Akun - Several Crow Names
Sonic Reaper - Lara Croft Sound Effect

(and for the OST visit

Review This Download (12mb )

Posted by Smeggy 3rd May, 2003

Bah 12mb no way!
Posted by HardshouldeR 3rd May, 2003

you know you want it john bishop
Posted by The Chris Street 3rd May, 2003

Convince people to change their minds about downloading by providing a screenshot!
Posted by Galaxy613 3rd May, 2003

Posted by HardshouldeR 3rd May, 2003

screenshots added, only a mere taste of things to come
Posted by Deathbringer 3rd May, 2003

FFShrine by any chance?
Posted by HardshouldeR 3rd May, 2003

no..this kind of shriner
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 3rd May, 2003

Thank god I'm stoned, otherwise this WOULD be painful to play. Atari 2600 anyone?
Posted by Chris Sun 3rd May, 2003

I have one word to describe this pathetic excuse for a game. CRAP! A tumor started growing in my head due to the lack of intelligence and logic used in producing this game.
Posted by vortex2 3rd May, 2003

Yeah! i beat it! :P.
Posted by vortex2 3rd May, 2003

Yeah! i beat it! :P.
Posted by HardshouldeR 4th May, 2003

Chris Sun clearly doesn't understand irony..not much of a cool chinese kid XD
Posted by Deathbringer 4th May, 2003

oh right XD "Remember kids-friends dont let friends use ffshrine!" *kid dies* "And this should be a lesson to any kids that think its cool to experiment with ffshrine" XD
Posted by CYS 4th May, 2003

I don't like swimming...i guess i don't like this either... Heh...just kidding. Don't take me seriously. ::downloading::
Posted by Bryan Rodriguez 4th May, 2003

I cannot believe this game was allowed to be posted. I mean..hey. I'd rather go to church.
Posted by Null 4th May, 2003

...................... can't stop laughing This pitiful excuse for a game does exactly what it set out to do - SUCK ! And that is why I love it ! HAHAHA GAMMY LEGS
Posted by Null 4th May, 2003

And by love I mean I want to tear my eyes out with a fork.
Posted by Simon Colmer 4th May, 2003

on the screenie u spelt 'make' like 'maek' lol :D
Posted by BrewM 5th May, 2003

How did this get to the front page ?? Well it's good entertainment all the same.
Posted by HardshouldeR 5th May, 2003

The super sexy Joe Laurino and his hillarious review has inspired the development of a sequel to swimmingspool!!1 BOO0-YAH!
Posted by Null 6th May, 2003

Oh god..what have I done..?
Posted by This Guy 7th May, 2003

why is the file size so big???? Don't like to download anything bigger than 6mb really. oh wellz. There are other games I can play...
Posted by T.U.G.A. 10th May, 2003

you jerks! this game is AWESOME! Much more awesome then you,Chris Sun,you nerd.
Posted by Bryan Rodriguez 11th May, 2003

Yoda is smoking...must be.
Posted by Bryan Rodriguez 11th May, 2003

Yoda is smoking...must be.






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