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Review: Swimmingspool
Author: Assault Andy
Added: 03/05/2003

Firstly, ARRRGHHHHHHH MY EYES! This game is definetly not for those who have seisurez. Every time you win, lose, visit the title screen and about once a level, the screen flashes craploads and burns your eyes out of thier sockets.

O god the maddness, it is presented very nice besides the eye burning, I can't go on enough about how much this hurts. The colours arrghhhhh! The colours! You can't go to a single game without being haunted by the colours!

Well from the time you double click on the icon, the game turns very funny . There is a seizure warning (thank god) and a funny fake loading. The loading says that it is loading all these .dlls and stuff then it says "loading tennis ball" and a tennis ball comes out.

The graphics are pretty good. Considering that they are sort of meant to be wierd. The mini game select graphics are really bad, but that's ok because it suits the mood of the game. (Crazy)

====Sound and Music====
The sound and music are funny aswell. The "count the Russel Crowes" mini-game has all kinds of funny sounds, especially that song that he sings when you catch the wrong bird.

Well, you might play it once, you might play it twice but you probabley won't play it three times. It's a nice game and all, once you have finished it you might show your friend the humour or something. I guess it's not funny to everyone, but I found it pretty funny.

With all said it's a pretty cool game, except for the undeniable fact that those STUPID FLASHING SEIZURE BACKGROUNDS YOU HAVE 2 VERSE A WHOLE CHIPPACKET WITH THOSE THINGS ON. Naaaaa it's good. Nice little game, except for your next game make it without the siezure background.

-Andy (12,CCsoft)

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