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by Bala

You've heard the themes in my previous title "WWE JukeBox", now know more about the WWE superstars Bios!

Know their: Height, Weight, Birth Place, Finishing Move and Career Highlights.

All NEW Superstar's (with pictures) Bio's Including:

Big Show
Booker T
Brock Lenar
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
D-Generation X
Eddie Guerrero
John Cena
Kelvin Nash
Kurt Angle
Rob Van Dam
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Triple H

(Also wrestler's theme music will be in the background)

If you don't own WWE JukeBox,
download here:

-Made By Bala-

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Posted by Smeggy 18th June, 2003

your last thing had a virus! - sort it or be booted!
Posted by The Chris Street 18th June, 2003

I found the WWE website...and you've basically ripped all the information off of that :P
Posted by J.J 18th June, 2003

Posted by J.J 18th June, 2003

Posted by Vickyboy 19th June, 2003

Jon, dont you think it could be the geocities server? and btw i DON'T do virus. Just user friendly projects. Thank You.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th June, 2003

Why would the server have a virus on it? Its definately from your PC, you've downloaded something with a virus on it. I'd better dload this to check it.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th June, 2003're lucky this time. :\
Posted by dave_c_version1 19th June, 2003

WWE OWNS ALL!!! wtf is this i hear about ppl saying its fake??? SO IS EVERY OTHER SHOW, look at say...enter the matrix...UBER FAKE!!! i dont see why it bothers ppl so much. GOOD WORK MATE XD
Posted by Fuzzy Lumpkins 19th June, 2003

You suck. Make a damn WWE game instead of stupid applications.
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 19th June, 2003

WWE sucks! Who in their right mind enjoys seeing shirtless, greased up men rub bodies together. Gross.
Posted by The Chris Street 19th June, 2003

I found an old WWF video I recorded when I was "into" it like everyone else. So I watched it again, with headphones. And surprise surprise, I heard the wrestlers talking to each other...Triple H told Chris Jerico to "WATCH THE KNEE"...I cant believe I never noticed this. And in all the matches, you could hear them talking to each other, but couldnt really hear what they were saying. In a word: Lame
Posted by HOSJ 19th June, 2003

Yup. They're just actors on steroids. Im not surprised.
Posted by lunar 20th June, 2003

YAY!! Another quality WWF/WWE game to add to the burning pile...
Posted by roger wilco 16th April, 2005

ALL OF YOU HATING WWE SUCK !!!!!!!WWE IS TOO COOL !!!!!! YOu said : is fake fake and lame but the wrstling is like aa movies. When u watch a movie of exemple, Jet Lee the fight are fake too.Wretling is like a serie show and its so cool so just go said to 1 wrestler he suk and he gonna kik ur ass in 1 seconde





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