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J-Balls (FULL)
Author: Vickyboy Submitted: 22nd June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 78

Edited By Vickyboy on 6/22/2003

J-Balls Full
By Bala

Release the ball by pressing Ctrl.

Juggle the ball(s) for 1 minute.

Also look out for your live.
You will only have 10 lives,
so juggle carefully.

Hi-Score included!

This Game Includes:

Single Player Mode!
(In this mode, you will play alone)
Team up with your friend with the 2 Player Mode!
(In this mode, you will team up with a friend and play)
Team up with a CPU in CPU Mode!
(In this mode, you will team up with a CPU and play)
Pratice your skills with the Training Mode!
(In this mode, there is no time limit and no lives you can pratice this way)

You also can enter your name in every mode!
In 2 Player mode, you can enter your name plus your friend name and play the game! Your name(s) will appear during the game on the bottom left corner!


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Posted by EleXor 23rd June, 2003

Vicky, Vicky and once Vicky... You s hould really overwrite the older download?
Posted by EleXor 23rd June, 2003

You have get 40 dc point's of these "games" XD And where did you learn the name system ?
Posted by EleXor 23rd June, 2003

Oh forgot that... You did answer already
Posted by eX Com 24th June, 2003

um.. this program had a virus.. AND so did ur little "prank holder".. i suggest u run an antivirus prgram on yer computer...
Posted by Vickyboy 26th June, 2003

no, firehawk... i dont think so
Posted by T Koivisto 24th October, 2003

i get virus in this game thank Xd





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