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Magic Racer 1.3
Author: Snakesoft Submitted: 23rd June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 673
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Edited By Snakesoft on 6/30/2003

Originally created for a game-making competition sponsored by Ubisoft and Wizard of The Coast (2nd place), Magic Racer is a "Micromachines-like" driving game which, in a magic realm, eight sinister characters competes in the most improbable motor competition. Choose your digital alter-ego among the fantasy-idiots avalaible and go challenge! The game offer three wide tracks, each one with its ground and its peculiar characteristics: the forest, the icy mountain and the castle. You will have to challange and win all the three tracks, in order of finally win the prestigious tournament and boast yourself with your friends, family and job colleagues.

The available game modality includes: single race, time attack, 2p mode. Since everybody knows that being honest is not fun at all, along the tracks you can collect several spells for massacre without mercy your opponents. Unfortunately, your opponents also can do the same.. it's an hard life.

All this in less than three megabytes, so you cannot allege excuses for not download it ("ooh.. yes.. I REALLY would like to download it but, you know.. I don't have a broadband connection.. it's becoming late.. I have to go now..").

Note: the 2P mode has still not been debugged, so no panic is something doesn't work properly. This is the 1.3 version of the game, it's on making a new version.. look on our website for more info. Please, give us criticisms and suggestions!!

[ edit: the remote server has been changed, now the download should work properly for everybody!! ]

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Posted by zago 23rd June, 2003

a GREAT game!!!!!!!
Posted by Mk 23rd June, 2003

Wow! Simply fantastic! :D
Posted by Monkey Soft 23rd June, 2003

This is really worth downloading... very very good game!
Posted by Hayato - DGTal Factory 23rd June, 2003

Now THAT is what I call a top-notch, top-down racing game!:D Absolutely brilliant characters' portraits, excellent engine & ingame GFX, competitive CPU-driven opponents, lightspeed action and great playability! Can't wait for the next release;)
Posted by PICIO 24th June, 2003

What a good game!! I'm going to download it!!
Posted by Beppo 24th June, 2003

"What a good game!! I'm going to download it!!" ?? :D Simply: funny, speedy, arcade game!! Really good programmed, with a really good graphic and a great style!!
Posted by Jenswa 24th June, 2003

Hmm looks cool, i am gonna down this one.
Posted by Joeri Pisart (Bloody Jojo) 24th June, 2003

Looks really kewl, downloading
Posted by Smeggy 24th June, 2003

so cool!
Posted by 25th June, 2003

looks cool, I'll download it later.
Posted by Smeggy 25th June, 2003

Posted by Monkey Soft 25th June, 2003

Frontpage! Frontpage!
Posted by Snakesoft 26th June, 2003

Dreamweaver! Dreamweaver! (ehm..)
Posted by Chrisbo 26th June, 2003

Very nice game!
Posted by Zapper 26th June, 2003

It looks great and by the sound of these comments: is great! I am downloadin now
Posted by Andi Smith 26th June, 2003

can I make one suggestion? It really needs a mini-map of the track, with the racers placed accordingly in one of the bottom corners.
Posted by Zapper 26th June, 2003

Ahh a nice little idea that, I think thats probably the only bit of "constructive criticism" this game is gonna get, cause its awesome!
Posted by Joe.H 26th June, 2003

This looks cool... I'll download it later... or maybe now.
Posted by Joe.H 26th June, 2003

Download doesn't work for me :'(
Posted by Joe.H 26th June, 2003

Download doesn't work for me :'(
Posted by Duncan 26th June, 2003

Great game, very impressive! I agree with Andi though... A mini-map would improve it quite a bit.
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th June, 2003

nice game. might review later... tired now...
Posted by bob bob 26th June, 2003

Posted by CYS 26th June, 2003

wowo! this is fantastic!
Posted by OOOPPPs 27th June, 2003

nice gfx
Posted by dave_c_version1 27th June, 2003

it stops downloading for me
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 27th June, 2003

Doesn't work for me either!
Posted by ruffles 27th June, 2003

Wow this game is really great, but I find it extremly fast, and you never know where to turn :P
Posted by danjo 27th June, 2003

i cant get anymore than 85k download myself >:
Posted by ncsoftware 28th June, 2003

Finally managed to download it, looks good. I've got a couple of remarks/suggestions. I did run it on a XP1800/512Mb/GeForce4 and it runs awfully fast, the car is a bit to hard to control. Also it runs in full window mode and on a 1024x768 it doesn't look to pretty, maybe you better run it in the original windows size and have a border around it instead of stretching the window to a full window. Thirdly, you've used indeo as a video codec, which isn't a free coded anymore, it doesn't come standard with windows XP, it only can be downloaded when payed for it. So someone with a new pc can't play the video and get's quite some error messages and the codecs can't be downloaded automatically anymore, because indeo stopped giving them away for free. (The old codecs can still be downloaded from other websites though). A track 'radar' and an indicator where you are on the track would be nice. Also when turning around you get no warning that you go the wrong way. Also the use magic key '-' is a bit akward, a key closer to the other keys would be much more logic. Last remark, when following the track (the one with the trees). without turning around the other drivers suddenly are going the other way, driving towards you, is that supposed to be so? Besides all these comment, the game looks good, cool magics and fun to play!
Posted by Simon Colmer 28th June, 2003

looks like micro machines v3! downloading... ;)
Posted by Simon Colmer 28th June, 2003

looks like micro machines v3! downloading... ;)
Posted by Sam R. Kennedy 29th June, 2003

The download doesn't work for me! It looks like a great game. I'll keep trying.
Posted by Snakesoft 30th June, 2003

Thank you all for the comment, guys! ;) I've just changed the remote server for the file, so there should be any other problem with the dowload. Try and let me know!!! :P
Posted by Snakesoft 30th June, 2003

Andi/Zapper/Duncan: good idea, we'll try to implement a mini-map system. I only hope that it is possible to make a good mini-map in a 320x240 screen.. the tracks are pretty wide.. ------------------------------ Ruffles: you're right.. improve this aspect is one of the priorities on the new version. ------------------------------ Benjamin: thanks for this lot of comments! I'll try to answer each point.. - I think the game itself is quite fast, not only on your computer. Or, at least, I think so. It's really excessively fast on your computer?!? -The windows is not stretched, it's the normal "full-screen" event of MMF 1.5. What is esactly the problem on your PC? The graphics looks stretched? Are there frame-rate problems? Let me know, please!! -The video codec.. oh my god, I really didn't expect this.. I've just used the AVI object given with tgf/mmf.. do you know which other object could I use for having any similar problems? -Key "-": there is a problem of different national keyboards.. we'll try to search for a key configuration good for every keyboard.. which contry are you from? -Last remark: could you explain better this point? We're really interested in, but I didn't understand what is the problem. Thank you very much!!!!
Posted by .::[RazorSharp]::. 30th June, 2003

The Screenshots look amazing, I'm getting it:)
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 30th June, 2003

Wow.Best click racing game ive seen.Great work.Its simple,but effective gameplay makes it pretty fun.The only thing i see wrong with it is the camera.I think you should be able to see further ahead of your car so you can see turns in roads.Great game.
Posted by Sami 2nd July, 2003

Wow . Awsome !
Posted by Entropy Blaster 2nd July, 2003

very very very professional ;) [kaiser]
Posted by JP 11th July, 2003

what the hell is dmc22.cox and where do i get it?
Posted by Heart Break Kid 12th July, 2003

i played this game before and now i`am downloading it again .. fine game .. good try :D
Posted by RPG4Lif3 30th July, 2003

can't dl it
Posted by Maurice 29th October, 2003

can't dl it, guy... plz HELP!!!
Posted by Teapot 15th November, 2003

cant dl aargh
Posted by Snakesoft 9th December, 2003

We had some troubles with the server.. now it should work properly. Mail us if there are other problems! :P
Posted by GoMoogles 17th August, 2004

Looks great only please tell me the screen size isnt as small as the screenshots...
Posted by GoMoogles 17th August, 2004

ok cool. Good racer... only took me like 10 minutes to figure out the controls....
Posted by Mr G 19th April, 2009
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