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Super Mario Epic
Author: Jeff Silvers Submitted: 28th June, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 170

Navigate Mario through 6 colorful worlds in a mission to save Princess Peach and end Bowser's takeover of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Posted by UF Comtec 29th June, 2003

Verrrrry good.
Posted by dave_c_version1 29th June, 2003

eheheh typical fan game, made better than alot but still.....mate u need a custom movement engine to avoid sticking, and why cant u jump on the enemys heads???????
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 29th June, 2003

Graphics: Well ripped. Gameplay: Nothing like mario at all. You can't kill enemies except with a fire flower, the fire flower shoots in a straight line, and mario has a health bar?? Sorry to be so negative, but to call this a mario game is rather rediculous. If you'd used original graphics then you'd actually get a lot more credit.
Posted by AndyUK 29th June, 2003

people don't seem to realise that ripped graphics are better than original in most cases because at least we like the old snes mario graphics.
Posted by Rik 29th June, 2003

That's true Andyuk, but seeing as the gameplay of this game isn't even like Mario, then perhaps it shouldn't have Mario at all, and should have original graphics and characters. If it was actually just like a Mario game then using ripped graphics would be perfect really, and original graphics would mess it up. Oh well it doesn't really matter :D
Posted by Maddie 29th June, 2003

you cant stomp on heads which is quite bad but the graphics are ripped good. a good mario game is nanobiz its amazing or mario xiper island
Posted by Jeremiah 29th June, 2003

I'd rather look at original graphics even if they are terrible.
Posted by alibaba 29th June, 2003

hmm i like the game , but jumping is annoyhing if your next to an object as mario gets stuck under it also, as mentioned the health bar is werid - any other game would fir it BUT NOT MARIO hehe an jumping on heads is needed- i found i just kept doin it becase the game looks so much like mario, but then i ended up dead:( but good fan game
Posted by Zeno 29th June, 2003

KILL! Now! Do not download this game unless you are trying to induce yourself with rage! Regular... Platform... Movement...
Posted by Hayo 30th June, 2003

did u make a better game than this then?
Posted by Zimtower 1st July, 2003

Posted by This Guy 2nd July, 2003

Hit detection is horrible! This is nothing like a Mario game. You can't jump on enemie's heads (yes I know its been said already but I'm reiterating the point) I get hit by enemies even when they are like a good couple pixels away from me, clearly. I guess it's not really all that terrible...and yes original graphics would be nice. And when I hear of a fan game I expect it to be like the original game. This is a disgrace to the Mario name. But if you fiz all the bugs this game may actually be good!
Posted by V Dogg 6th July, 2003

Okay, this game is, well, not bad. As everyone says, jumping on the heads to kill is needed (especially with the Koopas, which in turn will pop out of their shells for you to blast at other enemies). That energy bar HAS GOT TO GO. It should be that you start off as little Mario, then a Mushroom should be near the beginning of the level to turn him big. Then the fire flower should be somewhere in the middle of the level to give him fire flower strength (and he should be in his fire flower colors for God's sake!). The fireballs should not shoot straight. When Mario jumps, the fireballs shoot straight up, and when gravity pulls Mario down, the fireballs shoot straight down! As far as dying, get rid of the energy bar and do it like the classic Mario style. Mario gets hit once, he loses his fire flower strength. He gets hit twice, he turns little. He gets hit three times, he dies. And a Starman would be nice! Also, you could do it like the classic Mario World style and have one of those reserve Mushrooms/Fire Flowers. The one thing that impressed me is the graphics. They are very well done. Had it not been for the graphics, this game would've sucked big time. But my final score will be 2 out of 5 stars. Mainly one star for the graphics and one star for general gameplay.
Posted by Airflow 4th February, 2004

Im really late here. But other than the default platform movement, this game is presented really nicley and is quite fun. Thankx.
Posted by Devernath 5th December, 2004

It's good, but here are some very useful tips. 1. I know you can't make a jump-on-the-enemies-and-they-die mechanism, because it is too hard. 2. If the only way to kill enemies is to shoot, then at least start the level with it, and the fire flower could just boost its power other than that, its pretty good.





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