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Super Mario Epic 2: Dream Machine
Author: Jeff Silvers Submitted: 29th September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 218

A far more advanced game than the original Super Mario Epic, Super Mario Epic 2 follows Mario on his quest to stop Wart from using his Dream Machine to cast nightmares upon the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom. This game has many features the original did not. Users now have the option to save their game to one of three game save slots, and can use the new map screen to navigate between levels already passed. SME2 also features a much better engine, more power-ups, the Advance Coins, and several new additions to the game not seen in the original (including the ability to carry an extra power-up in your reserve box, the Hammer Bros. Suit, and Poison Mushrooms). There are more than 15 levels in the game, all of which have been pain-stakingly designed over the course of more than a year and three months. All in all, Super Mario Epic 2 puts it's predecessor to shame.

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Posted by The Chris Street 30th September, 2004

Not bad - but I think Mario should be able to bounce off enemies rather than fall straight through them. Plus I noticed you used the standard platform engine, rather than a custom engine which you stated. Thus it was a bit buggy when it came to jumping (particularly on the lava level with the disappearing platforms). As I said, not bad at all overall, but could do with some polishing :)
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th September, 2004

One more thing that's off slightly, when you hit something with the veggies, they need to bounce slightly.
Posted by Coop 30th September, 2004

the screenshots look great
Posted by Airflow 2nd October, 2004

I can't see the screenies. But I thought the first one was ok. So this ones bound to be better. :) (In the first Mario Epic in the last level : why is Luigi standing near the boss door in the darkness like a palm tree? I never even thought of a reason for him for being there.)
Posted by Jeff Silvers 2nd October, 2004

To answer Dr. Evil Face's question, Luigi was only there as an "Easter egg." No purpose at all.
Posted by Cazra 3rd October, 2004

very nice work for a fangame. :) The only bad thing I can point out about the game is the "room 12". All it is is a room with all the powerups; nothing exciting. After collecting all the A coins in the game, there's really no point in a room with all the powerups.
Posted by GoMoogles 4th October, 2004

Must every fan game have ripped graphics!? Geez, when are you people going to learn!? But still a fun game....just would've been nice if it had ORIGINAL graphics...
Posted by Jeff Silvers 4th October, 2004

I used ripped graphics for a few reasons. For starters, I was focusing the majority of my time doing level design to make sure the levels were laid out perfectly. This is mostly the reason the game took 15 months to produce (when I had expected six). Another reason is that, while I'm not exactly horrible, my spriting skills aren't nearly good enough to base an entire game around. I could've had somebody else do it for me, but that would've stretched the time even longer, having to wait for somebody to finish spriting a certain enemy or element that I wanted to use (while ripping graphics or using libs gives me an almost unlimited array of objects). And in my defense, many of the graphics in the game are original or edited (the SMW-styled Hammer Bros. Suit Mario, for example, or a lot of the Giant Island objects).
Posted by Airflow 6th October, 2004

Mmmmmm, easter eggs. That game was fun.The engine worked just enough to be playable. But I agree with Sherlin, that room 12 was a let down. I did ,however,think the GFX you did your self looked good .
Posted by Zimtower 6th October, 2004

bring the gravity down a bit next time
Posted by Blackstorm 9th October, 2004

This is the best Mario Fangame I have ever played! Just make a custom movement so you can bounce off heads, and, though it may be my computer that is making the problem, some of the music sounded a little bit scratchy. The voice acting (for the title screen) is extremely good! What did you do, hire the real Mario voice actor? :P Good level design, too.
Posted by Jeff Silvers 12th October, 2004

@Blackstorm: Actually, the Mario voice you hear during the title screen is the work of MFGG member Parakarry. And yes, he's extremely good :).
Posted by Jimmy Pig 24th October, 2004

Wow i have to say, that is THE most impressive codie i have ever seen, in one way its good, but in another its bad because it makes me think how much more i have to learn about coding. definent thumbs up.
Posted by Dalal 29th November, 2004

This game has an excellent idea. The only major flaw in this game was Mario's movement. You obviously used the built-in MMF/TGF platform movement which is very bad. I recommend using Chansey's Platform Engine. You can find it here: P.S You'll need to edit the hotspots and stuff but at the end, you'll really like the result. This is my favorite platform engine that people have made. Hope this helps you in your game making career.
Posted by Jeff Silvers 14th February, 2005

This may be a bit of a late reply, but thanks to P.N Dalal, Super Mario Epic 3 (currently in production) will feature Chansey's fantastic static engine instead of TGF's built in movement. In fact, I've already worked the engine around to what I need and I'm just about ready to begin level design.
Posted by Digital Dream software 27th February, 2005

HAAHAHAHAHA whos high pitched voice is that on the title screen!?





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