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Ghastlevania 1½ (beta1)
Author: BattleCat Submitted: 4th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 235

Edited By EvisceratoR on 4/13/2005

This is a game i've been working on for some days now. I've been inspired by Zelda 2 (for the 8 bit nintendo) and Castlevania for Gameboy Advance, in addition, this game has a couple of RPG elements to it... i'd define it as a kind of "RPP - Role Playing Platformergame" or something like that.

In this beta version, you gotta help a villager get back his rubberduck which has been stolen by him by a big ghost from a nearby fortress. You have only a sword to defend yourself with so do your best.

If you get "file error!" when running, download and install:

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Posted by KlikFactory 5th July, 2003

I'm gettin' a File Error when I try to open it. =/ -The Klik Factory
Posted by Rhys D 5th July, 2003

like, totally.
Posted by Death Reaper X 5th July, 2003

Ok bad stuff: -Didn't change resolution back to original state after it was finished and 640 x 480 ended up huge on my screen but you weren't to know that! :D -The falling animation is a smiley face?? Did you put that in or has one of your friends been messing around with it? -Perhaps add some jumping blocks so you don't just walk and slash. Good stuff: -Seems nice and fluent. - Animations are good such as the attack and the ghosts dying. - It's fun! XD
Posted by Muggus 5th July, 2003

Ummmm...Ten unique counters? Please explain!
Posted by BattleCat 5th July, 2003

1- sorry, i forgot to tell ppl tgat you gotta use Esc to quit the game, otherwise it doesnøt change resolution and it stays in the memory (will be fied). 2- KlikFactory - that's because you need a file called bass.dll. It's getable at i think (download and install the dmc2 object, putting bass.dll in windows\system32 is best 3- The smiley is a left over from the platform engine i', using. The linear levels will be fixed cuz later fortresses will have many different floors, like basements, roofs and etc. 4- Yeah, i'm using many counters to keep track of different things like, lives, mana points, health points, position in the village (you enter the village twice but it's actually the same frame both times.
Posted by Sami 5th July, 2003

This thing is way too small . I really think you should wait until you have at least one more level and a boss . The music is wonderfull (8-9/10) the sprite are nice (5-6/10) and the engine is fine (I can't do much testing with only a floor and few doors , can I ? )
Posted by Derek T. Reaves. . . 6th July, 2003

I didnt like this.The ghosts dont hurt you , the graphics are uneven(they should at least be even and not look like stick characters),it is straightforward,your guy doesnt really stay on a very good rid.Work on it a lot more and it could probably be good.
Posted by Individual Thought 7th July, 2003

WELL WELL WELL, and i thought my castlevania game was offense, hmmmm maybe i should release another demo version....i need some convincing first. xD
Posted by BattleCat 7th July, 2003

Mighty Mouse - Now maybe if you gave me some constructive criticism, i could take you seriously. That kinda comment is something i'd except from a 6 year old who dislikes his schoolmates sand castle or something. What do you think is bad about my game huh ??

Update 2009: Lol, looks like I had a bit of an over reaction >_<
Comment edited by -eviscerator- on 11/11/2009
Posted by Individual Thought 8th July, 2003

i didn't mean it that way (i wrote that comment without thinking what i was saying) what i mean is I thought my Game i was workin on was a little bit too linear, but it isn't as linear as this, a little bit of level planning and designing would help, sorry if i sounded like a jackass.





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