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Monster (beta/working title)
Author: Lazernaut Submitted: 8th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 219

Edited By EvisceratoR on 2/12/2004

A game inspired by a game that was put up here a couple of months ago, about training monsters. This game also has some RPG elements, together with arcade elements.

So far there's ~5 monsters to choose from, all with their pros/cons and special attacks. There's also a little bonus level.

Has the ability to save the game..

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Posted by Mkingy 9th November, 2003

click on the links to se the screenshots :) dl now
Posted by Mkingy 9th November, 2003

what the hell's a RAR application, it won't open for me
Posted by J.J 9th November, 2003

Is this completly random? I could NOT find anyting to do in the battle without watching....
Posted by J.J 9th November, 2003

And.... its called Ghost... not Ghoust =)
Posted by Joe.H 9th November, 2003

to open it, you need WinRAR
Posted by Lazernaut 9th November, 2003

It's called Ghoust on purpose. Putting a u in it makes it sound almost like a danish word. And the battle will probably be less automated in the full version...
Posted by Lazernaut 9th November, 2003

..and no, the battle isn't random. The attributes affect the battle outcome. Strength affects how much damage you do, agility affects how quickly you attack, intelligence does nothing yet, and skin is your armor... (eg. more skin, less damage) ...
Posted by istvan 10th November, 2003

you should get rid of the header and border, the way it is now looks slightly cheap.
Posted by BullDozer 17th February, 2004

It looks cooooooool





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