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Yeah Guys! 3 Beta
Author: Rycon Submitted: 14th July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 277

Thats right, a surprise beta version is out. This is the most unexpected, and greatest creation FKT has released. And now you can form it with your ideas! Get your hands on this beta, and then go to the FKT website and answer our question database, post ideas/bugs in our forum. No Registration Required!

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Posted by Hayo 14th July, 2003

YAY! I love Yeah Guys!
Posted by Muggus 15th July, 2003

This is something to get exited about...downloads...
Posted by Muggus 15th July, 2003

I must have got too excited :-0
Posted by Hayo 15th July, 2003

the problem with this game is of course: you need to have at least one friend :)
Posted by Assault Andy 15th July, 2003

JD - I think Ashman just made a "suped-up" clone. -Andy
Posted by J.J 15th July, 2003

Nice....but i hope we get to see more from this! But its not often we see the fullversion off a BETA/DEMO that was submittet here on DC!
Posted by Dave_C 15th July, 2003

i dont like the mixed up graphics...
Posted by J.J 15th July, 2003

A bug! I was standing with that AK-47 next to a wall.... and the recoil sendt me INTO the wall... and i was stuck! Check it out!
Posted by Rycon 15th July, 2003

*Big Grin* just got bryce :D And I do plan on making the full version just like I have done in the past. Dave_C, could you report that bug in the FKT forum, and where you got stuck? Thanx.
Posted by Rycon 15th July, 2003

Whoops, didnt mean Dave_C, ment J.J
Posted by Djfuego 15th July, 2003

That's one little bad-ass mother f***ing bad mo fo game you got there! I love it. *BIG CHEESY grin*
Posted by Jenswa 15th July, 2003

Hmm a new version of yeah guys, now i can play it again with fishhead.
Posted by Hagar 15th July, 2003

Great...I love the YG series of games, nice to see FKT back :-D.
Posted by Jirru (Fake "0" Productions) 15th July, 2003

Hmmm... how the hell do you shoot with player one!!
Posted by KlikFactory 16th July, 2003

I like it. I have no idea how to do most of the controls, however, so you should really include a screen before a battle that explains the controls. I like the level design and graphics and the backround though- good job! -KlikFactory
Posted by Hayo 16th July, 2003

there is nothing wrong with goofy
Posted by Rycon 16th July, 2003

Its called the readme.. and it says to read it on the beta screen. lol. It explains all the controls, and how everything works. Note that in the beta, you can work doors, blow up and fix the pumps, and use a MG42 machine gun, change weps, reload. Its all in the readme.
Posted by ChrisB 16th July, 2003

OOoooooooohhhhhhh....... please, make an online version or add computer AI, I don't have anyone to play it with right now!
Posted by Aali [Crazy_Productions] 16th July, 2003

and were can i find this readme?? (lol)
Posted by eX Com 16th July, 2003

in the zip file
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 16th July, 2003

The title is the best part of the game. But this game suffers from simplicity and repetition. The music doesn't work either, and it doesn't have the charm that Ashman's YG had.
Posted by Hayo 17th July, 2003

but it is the real thing you know...
Posted by Rycon 17th July, 2003

There is no music included, you must insert your own. Music may be included in the full version, MODs that is.
Posted by Chace 17th July, 2003

Hey, Rycon, you from SA? "It has been confirmed that a multi-game CD in South Africa will be launched at the end of June! Yeah Guys! 2 and some other games from this site will be on it." I've been searching for sooo long for fellow South African klikkers. Downloading...
Posted by Hayo 18th July, 2003

nope Rycon is American..North Carolina I think
Posted by Chace 19th July, 2003

Oh... *sigh*, the search continues. {no}
Posted by Rycon 19th July, 2003

No, but a company offered to put it on a CD, so I took the deal. No cash for me though. Hopefully I can get the cd.





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