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Yeah Guys! 2
Author: Rycon Submitted: 21st September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 453

Think you have experienced all the action of Yeah Guys? Think you have thrashed all there is to thrash? Wasted all there is to waste? Well... you... are... WRONG! Yeah Guys are back, in a all new style. They got da shades, the guns, and of course... THE FRO! In this 10x better Yeah Guys you will be wasting that ol buddy of yours until the fat lady sings! (*Note there are no fat ladies in this game.)

With BIGGER playfields, better graphics, more levels, weapons in every level and bigger better super weapons! You will travel to worlds such as: Tropical, City Ruins, Ice, Lava and Space! A couple of weapons you can use to fry a fro are: Plasma Rifle, Mines, Homing Bombs, Missile Launcher and more! Also the super weapons are even more powerful and fro thrashing capability is better then ever: Flame Thrower, Ion Blaster and thatís just to name 2! Yet you say thereís not enough? Computers and Machines, Buttons to push and things to use! Like a transporter! Also you will be sliding around in ICE world, and moon walking in space with tons of physics changes. Even make your own level with a huge drill! Didnít like the keys? There now all changeable so you can fight the way you like. A guide for new players, with advanced techniques for experienced players. All this packed into one game? Well we donít want to spoil any surprises but thereís way more! For new players and old, go get you a head full of fro, your choice. (Fro Fun, is not sold in stores and come in only RED or BLUE colors.)

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Posted by Ashman 21st September, 2002

If anyone is wondering my game Yeah Guys Ultra was a special edition of this game. This game is cool. I'm reviewing now.
Posted by BobFromPikeCreek 21st September, 2002

I'll D/L it since yeah guys ultra was good
Posted by Muggus 22nd September, 2002

Sikness! I gotta download this one! I'd be crazy not to!
Posted by Tomatoman (SUMGOO) 23rd September, 2002

i recognise those guys..
Posted by Rycon 23rd September, 2002

Oh also, I almost forgot. Since I used a difrent installer, (Dumb Idea) you might get a error of a dll missing, but almost everybody has it. If you do get this error, please send me a e-mail and I will send you the file. Easy and simple, dont hesitate. Thank You
Posted by Hagar 24th September, 2002

Great game.
Posted by Koen 26th September, 2002

Awesome game would be great with ip connection possabilites. You should try to do that, I'd help if I wasn't stupid, but eh what can you do. Well you can work on an Ip connection. OKay doke. I need to stop using so many drugs...
Posted by HOSJ 28th September, 2002

Wasn't this posted B4?
Posted by Scott 2nd January, 2003

i love yg
Posted by T Koivisto 11th August, 2003

it is really good game guys are really cool






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