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Squawks the parrot - Demo
Author: Cutmanmike Submitted: 31st July, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 73

Edited By Mike-Hill on 8/1/2003

Edited By Mike-Hill on 8/1/2003

God knows why the hell I made this game, but the sprite was there so I started making this silly little game. I'll make up a story once i've finished the game. Anyways, the aim of the game is to Destroy all the robots in each stage that are... uhm... draining the planet's energy. Once you've done that you can go on to the next level.
Remember, if squawks touches ANYTHING (walls, floor, blocks etc) you will lose a life.

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Posted by yuyu 1st August, 2003

its ok. The gfx are nice and i like the lego'ish look to the levels.
Posted by ACE_Spark 1st August, 2003

Added a review, keep up the good work!
Posted by ShyGuy182 1st August, 2003

It's fun. And addictive.
Posted by The Chris Street 1st August, 2003

...All the graphics are ripped :P Can you say "Dicies"? (Acoders, Johns Program)
Posted by Digital Dream software 1st August, 2003

hey! that sounds like kurukuru kuruin to me! (a game for the g.b.a) ! ah well ill ty it... pah! ripped grafix, shame on you!!!
Posted by ShyGuy182 1st August, 2003

Who cares if the graphics are ripped or not? As long as it fits in with the level.






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