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Review: Squawks the parrot - Demo
Author: ACE_Spark
Added: 01/08/2003


Well, I was bored, so I thought, its a small download, why not download it?
It's a nice little game, but is it worth the download?

A very basic title screen, nothing too spectatcular, but it shows Cutman Mike knows how to press print screen. Could be better, since its a very basic font on a black screen with one picture.

Simplistic, to control Squawks the Parrot you use the up button to keep in the air, and the left and right to manonver. Pressing CTRL shoots a projectile, that decents to the ground.
The idea is to hit all the targets in a level, but its made much harder by the fact Squawks has only one hit point, and that everything kills him.
This requires some serious reflexs to stop yourself from flying into a wall, tree, spiked ball.
As said earlier the player has a projectile (Cocnut? Egg? Rock?)that decents to the ground, and this makes hitting the targets a little bit harder. You'll need to find the correct place and height for the projectile to hit.
The difficulty is very high in this game, but with patience, even if it is frustrating, it's for some reason very addictive.
If the difficulty for these starting stages wasn't so high I would of gave the Gameplay possibly a 9.

Ripped graphics from what I think is Donkey Kong Country. How-ever the graphics also seem to be from other games as well, and even some libary graphics, since the targets are from way back to Klick and Play. The backgrounds are a mixed bag, while the sprites themselves are well ripped, and while the terrain of the levels look good, the mixture of graphics puts the score down alot.
Another thing that should be changed is the first level sky, it looks very.. weird..
Making the graphics less mixed would make the game look better.

The sound FX are from Mario, nothing new there, but they suit the game down to a tee, so I don't mind.

Seems to be a mixture of Mario music and musics from some Square RpG's. The first level has some great music (Dr Mario - Fever remix), which fits the pace of the game, the 2nd level has some rather slow paced music, which is not so good.
The midis how-ever are of good quality which helps alot.

This game has a property which makes you want to try and try again at that level you can't beat, which when a game has, makes an average game seem above average.

It's an above average game, or shall I say a "Good" game.
Very nice idea, and I think the engine is done great for the game's style (Its static, yes? Same with the projectiles?), plus the idea of upping the difficulty to Ghosts and Goblins level by not adding health is good, it has some downers by very high difficulty for the early levels (make some easier levels to start off with maybe?), and mixed graphics (something which is easy to fix, change the skys and target sprites), things that can be fixed to get the score higher.

Good game, with great potensial.
Can't wait for the full version m8.

It's fun, and makes you want to try again and again.
It has a buggless engine.
The parrot ownz j00.

Mixed graphics.
Slightly too hard.
Bad presentation.

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