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Paintball War (FULL)
Author: addea Submitted: 23rd August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 127

This game is the full version of PAINTBALL WAR.
Please try it, and vote!

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Posted by ChrisB 23rd August, 2003

Hooray! Wait, does it have a single-player mode?
Posted by Daniel[Crazy_Productions] 23rd August, 2003

...ive seen a library with that guy in...
Posted by Paolo Victor 23rd August, 2003

lol @ "Computor"
Posted by Stian B. 23rd August, 2003

Daniel,no,no library,its....Dolph Lundgren! :D
Posted by RPG Player 2003 23rd August, 2003

Mini-Review : 7/10 This game is quite good. Simple and fun. Although I couldn't play it for more than half an hour (I have a project pending and I want to release the beta at TDC tomorrow), it looked quite good. The AI in single-player is clean, the scenarios are varied (I played the vulcan level single and multi-player and managed to love every second of it), and the multi-player mode with my dad was just a plain fun (I achieved some good, close victories). What brings this game down is the lack of different weapons and some powerups. It would really be better if you could use a machinegun or replenish your health. Also, you make some mistakes at your spelling. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes, but they are very apparent, like "Singel" or "Computor". You cannot beat the AI in the vulcan level. Fix that immediately! Overall, a playable, simple and fun game, but could benefit from some work. Try to make a Paintball War 2, with more goodies and AI...
Posted by Patrick 24th August, 2003

A good game! little to simple but its good..
Posted by Joni Sipola 25th August, 2003

whooaah! i'm still a newbie but this game's really good!! Yupee!!
Posted by Strife 25th August, 2003

A nice, simple game. Brings back memories of when I first started making games in KNP... Anywayz, you forgot to protect your .gam file! Since you didn't protect it, anybody can load the game in TGF/MMF and edit it! :D Hehe, I edited it and gave the Computer, like, 40 lives and I still beat him. :)
Posted by addea 2nd September, 2003

yeah, i know! it is alot of bugs in the game, ihade a hard time to upload it on TDC, but it didnt work... Then a week after when im cheking tdc game is uploaded... very is the wrong version but it is the game! Thanks for all feedback and that stuff. I just wanna say everybody that im Swedish, im 12 years old so i cant get the spelling right!!!
Posted by Anton Filonenko 7th December, 2003

ummm....the link don work can some 1 tell me the offical site link if there is one




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