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Snail Race
Author: Phayze Games Submitted: 23rd August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 213

Edited By Cameron Chamberlain on 8/25/2003

This game is a basic game that simulates a snail race. At each race it randomizes the statistics for each snail (8 in all) and sets them off. During the race the snails wil slow down and speed up at random making it a bit more interesting. NOTE: This game dosn't any interaction from the viewer. It is more of a movie then a game. All though you could get a few of your mates around and bet on them...

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Posted by Strife 26th August, 2003

Hmmmm, well, you could add a betting system right inside the game. You could make it into one of those horse-racing games where you bet on the outcome. ;)
Posted by Phayze Games 2nd September, 2003

I loaded up the page to see how things were going, once it was done it was easy to see that things just weren't flowing, I read the review, and the comment too! And decided I agreed with them both. So with out a moment spent to pause, I wrote out a poem and this is the cause, as we both agreed on one thing, me and you, that there just HAS to be... a Snail Race 2! The warning I have heeded, and this time it will have everything you said it needed.... Thanks, Phayze.
Posted by Phayze Games 2nd September, 2003

MAYBE.... But defintly look out for my new western dueling game.... Coming out in about 1-2 weeks.





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