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Snail Race 2
Author: Phayze Games Submitted: 6th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 213

Edited By Phayze Games on 10/7/2003

Edited By Phayze Games on 10/7/2003

Snail Race returns. This time with a betting system and a save system. For those who don't know snail race download the 1st one. Ready for this? You have a real time limit. 2 1/2 hours to get over $20,000. Good luck!

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Posted by eyeangle 6th October, 2003

Yeah good fun. A quick download as well.
Posted by OneEyedParrot 6th October, 2003

yeah... I made a snail racing way back when. Aparrently it wasn't as an original idea as I thought. :P I like this one. You can bet in it. This one's definitely more interactive than mine. In mine, all you'd do is guess which snail and it would tell you if you won or not. Jolly good fun for you and your co-workers on a coffe break... and just about any time.
Posted by Muggus 7th October, 2003

...sounds slow...:P
Posted by Phayze Games 7th October, 2003

Hey, OneEyedParrot... Believe it or not I made one like that as well! But it got a bad respose!
Posted by Zane 9th October, 2003

for such a small download, this is well worth it. im not very good at beting games, but i liked it.
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th October, 2003

It's nice... the score makes it sound more negative than the review does.





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