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Author: Johnny Biggs Submitted: 26th August, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 57

The download link is at the top of the page. SCREENSHOTS ARE INCLUDED!

Mahogany is a crazy little game where you take on the role of Ruckus, a Hawaiian skater boy ready to defend his ghetto, Mahogany, along with his sidekick, the muscle-bound Nasty Boy. Ruckus has to take on 8 dangerous and deranged foes, then pull back the curtain and meet the wizard himself!

Featuring explosive side-scrolling action, heart-stopping overhead action, plenty of little mini-games to keep you occupied and some really tough-as-nails bosses, Mahogany is the game that will rock your arse off!! At your disposal you have your skateboard and access to spaceships where you take on drug dealers in their trips and battle punk rockers inside mosh pits! It's big and bad baby. Graphics are mix of original and klik. Music ranges from famous to homemade compsed to stuff to everything else. Includes a tutorial in case your confused at what the hell is going on.

So check it out baby, you won't regret it!!!!! And if you do, oh well! You'll never see anything like this again, guaranteed.

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Posted by Death Reaper X 27th August, 2003

Lol this is pretty funny :D
Posted by Tom 27th August, 2003

Yeah, shame it uses TGF libs though...
Posted by underjoyed 27th August, 2003

Was it extremely slow for anyone else?
Posted by Johnny Biggs 27th August, 2003

Love it or hate it, thanks for playing it! I've taken some pieces of advice from "underjoyed"'s review.. the new game will be better... And if it's slow, well, all I can recommend is getting a better comp.
Posted by J.J 28th August, 2003

Not the game... the bandwith... yea it was slow for me 20kbs...






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