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Review: Mahogany
Author: underjoyed
Added: 27/08/2003

In this game you play as a crime fighter kinda guy named Ruckus, defending your town "Mahogany". Well, thats not so bad eh?...well lets find out...


The game uses a lot of black backgrounds on menus, nothing to special here. There is some pretty funny banners you see in the menus though.
I also like the way main bosses are displayed before you chase them, with the megaman type thing goin on. I give the presentation a 5/5.


The game has a lot of great looking main charactors which I thought were pretty funny but almost all the grapics are used from the TGF libraries. I give the graphics a 5/5


This is where the game goes down hill, playing it reminded of playing some of my first made games...It's put together horribly, the enemies have no A.I they just constantly run about and shoot. The game speed is extremely slow which I guess is probably due to a large amount of active objects (also most likely the reason for such a large file). The level design is confusing and badly put together. The bosses have no animations, they just shoot and run around...allright I don't really want to go on about the gameplay anymore. I give the game play a 2/10.


The sounds are taken from TGF aswell, the music is nothing special either. I give the sound and music a 4/10.

The game gets quite boring after a while, though it gave me some laughs...I give the lastability a 3/10.


Overall the game can be funny but the gameplay is as fun as watching old people vote...Overall I give this game a 3/10

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