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Arctic Warfare Demo
Author: Canaryman Submitted: 17th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 153

you've probably read the preview by now, and if you havn't added your two cents then your not too late.

This is the beta demo for Arctic Warfare, a game in which penguins are battling against humans for control of the now ice-frozen Planet Earth.

Now you can play one level, with all the stuff in it. And it's VERY hard, although i've found i can beat it in about 2 minutes or so, without cheating. And these are purly for testing out the weapons, (press top row number keys to change weapon)
the ZIP file includes:
*intro music
*Imkchz mod file (playable in-game by pressing F6 and typing "i like cheese" into the box)
*The Arctic warfare demo

And for those who havn't read the review, here is a plot synopsis:

Nuclear tests, designed to move Earth slightly further away from the sun to slow the affects of global warming have not had the desired effect. Instead, the explosions knocked earth's axis around so that Antarctica now permenantly faces the sun. Global warming then melted Antarctica flooding most of the worlds oceans. The majority of the human race fled to the stars, populating other worlds...

in other words the human race has completly F***ed up the world and are leaving it for dead.

However, under the ice-cap of Antarctica, a species has evolved alongside humans, yet they have managed to remain totally anonymus. The penguins. After the melting of Antarctica, they were forced to find refuge in the only place that could support life. The Arctic.

The humans who remained behind are determined to turn the Arctic into farmland by applying new terraforming techniques. The penguins don't like that one bit and soon a war erupts between the two species.

You are Dennis the penguin. You mission - to eliminate the human threat on the planet.


And a run-down of the weapons

Light Machine gun
Sub Machine Gun
Pulse Rifle
Rocket Launcher.

Expect to see in this level:
*Marines with shotguns
*Deadly accurate Sentry turrets
*Health Bonuses

Special Features:
A targeting system that identifies a target within range and identifies type of enemy.

Crosshair at different length for different weapons, and will stop when over backdrop.
*Railgun that Instant hits AND actually stops on impact, rather than being one long sprite that takes out a whole line of enemies (although that can happen too if you line up your shots right)

For your no-brainer fragfest demo, click below

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Posted by Joshtek 17th May, 2002

w00t, This reminds me of a preview I saw recently.
Posted by Joshtek 17th May, 2002

When I double clicked on the exe it said 'file error' how odd.
Posted by Canaryman 17th May, 2002

strange eh? For some reason this has been happening to me recently, i'll try and download the game myself, if it works, then it's YOUR FAULT - if not, i'll re-upload later
Posted by Canaryman 17th May, 2002

ITS YOUR FAULT! i hope HTML works(!)
Posted by Luke Morgan 18th May, 2002

Hmmm... it doesn't work on my comp either. Stange, eh?
Posted by Canaryman 18th May, 2002

works on mine. Have you got the latest version of Winzip?
Posted by Luke Morgan 18th May, 2002

Of-course. Maybe there's a file on your system that we haven't got. This could be the file that's enabling you to play the demo without any problems.
Posted by Canaryman 18th May, 2002

bass.dll... go to





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