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Basic Lightsaber Tutorial
Author: Canaryman Submitted: 19th June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 298

Here is a very basic light-saber tutorial using the fastloop object.

It's recomended for people who have gotten to grips with the fast loop though.

The engine includes:
-Blue Light saber
-Changing the length of the saber
Swooshy thingy -effect when activating
-a basic attack (swipe)

--Made with MFX--

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Posted by Robbie Shields 19th June, 2002

Nice tutorial :)
Posted by Joshtek 19th June, 2002

Needs to have sound effects and swooshy thing when deactivating and a cool effect if you change direction or something :)
Posted by 19th June, 2002

cant you make it into tgf format? PLEEZ!
Posted by Marcus 19th June, 2002

Arthur Lee is gay.
Posted by Crono 19th June, 2002

Marcus stop joking around, u went on the last 5 downloads writing stuff like "you game is gay stupid"
Posted by Karl Hedlund 20th June, 2002

Hmmm... This one should be called REALLY basic. And Joel, you can open .cca files if you have updated your TGF.
Posted by Canaryman 20th June, 2002

i don't have TGF anyway.
Posted by GFX software 20th June, 2002

canaryman, i can convert it on tgf. now i'm downloading
Posted by GFX software 20th June, 2002

but.....what's the difference between mfx and tgf?
Posted by Antonio Barra 20th June, 2002

Hmm, sorry, but this is pretty useless.
Posted by Canaryman 20th June, 2002

nothing GFX, just TGF was made before it, and TGF PRO is exactly the same as MFX and CNC (CNC was made and upgraded to MFX on the release of MMF while TGF was updated to TGF PRO - i think only the interfaces are slightly different)
Posted by Cappy 20th June, 2002

i've opened and saved this tutorial with tgf pro, and saved in a zip file... there's also the extension (fast loop obj) sorry for the english, i can't write it good because i'm italian. :-(
Posted by Canaryman 20th June, 2002

i can't write it good cause i'm scottish, so it's okay :)
Posted by diablos 21st June, 2002

not bad
Posted by Joshtek 22nd June, 2002

TGF<->MMFX<->CNC differences *Possibly MMFX/CNC have the Timeline Editor *Probbably has different libs (not just games libs) *The name of the software and what it opens *The nag screen at the end *What you have to di if you sell it..if you can
Posted by Canaryman 22nd June, 2002

TGF pro doesn't have the nag screen does it? And i believe the only difference is the extension objects extension (.gox instead of .cox)
Posted by Wompo 24th June, 2002

GFX, tried your TGF convert, it gave an error: "Cannot find GFfloop.GOX!" :/
Posted by 8th July, 2002

i cant get it to work on mmf1.5 say cant find kcfloop.cox
Posted by 8th July, 2002

i cant get it to work on mmf1.5 say cant find kcfloop.cox
Posted by Canaryman 11th July, 2002

that's cause you don't have the fast loop object
Posted by Toppo 21st September, 2004

Fix the link!
Posted by Aptennap 14th May, 2005

link doesn't work
Posted by Assault Andy 27th May, 2005

I don't think the link will be coming back up, Oh well.
Posted by awesomeasapossum 23rd December, 2006

Rats. What did it do?





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