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Virus Killer Mayhem
Author: Meikle - SE Submitted: 14th September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 78

Edited By Andrew Meikle on 9/14/2003

Virus Killer .:Mayhem:.

Virus Killer Mayhem uses a modified Virus Killer engine but is almost a completely different game. There are 9 arenas with which you try to last the longest against a swarm of virus's, the more you kill the more points you get.

You play the last man on earth after a wave of virus's swarmed the earth and killed all of mankind, except You. You managed to get a radioactive suit on just in time before the virus could catch you, but beware, the virus's can still kill you if they touch you.

<Left> moves left
<Right> moves right
<up> jumps
<space> fires laser

Heart - This gives you an extra life up to a maximum of 4.
Bag - This gives you an extra 20 points.

Developer - Andrew Meikle (
Sound -
Graphics - Andrew Meikle + GM5 Resource Packs

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Posted by DeadmanDines 15th September, 2003

Not a bad game, but I didn't like the way you had to press various keys to get it to do stuff. Buttons would have been better. I was also interested; was that actually made with click products or not? It also needed a few more options, etc, I think, and variety. Maybe different types of virus thingies, or a little more story basis. And the graphics for the background were a little too simple (not enough variation again). In teh next version, try adding other kinds of virus, or making it so the player has health rather than lives (so you don't have to restart each time you get killed). I would recommend making the player invulnerable for 3 seconds after they've been hurt, to give them time to escape from the dangerous area. Other than that, good game.
Posted by Meikle - SE 15th September, 2003

thanx for the reply, i will take all them ideas into consideration. i made it with gamemaker5, is that a click product? if not do you allow these games and is there a site like this for them?
Posted by J.J 15th September, 2003

I've have tested this before.... And it was..... a GM5 game.... :|
Posted by Joe.H 15th September, 2003

Meikle: Game maker 5 isnt a click product, but that doesnt matter what you us to make your game, some just use TGF MMF K&P or CNC to make their games, and not GM5. Ive tried this before, seing as you gave me the link about 500 times, ands it's not a bad game seeing as you havent been using game making products for that long.
Posted by Joe.H 16th September, 2003

I did the screeny wrong in my review X) it should be instead
Posted by G@vie 7th October, 2003

Kinda cool game. Needs more varity






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