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Review: Virus Killer Mayhem
Author: Joe.H
Added: 16/09/2003

Viruses... Dont you just hate them? Well, if you were the last man standing, i dont think you be too chummy with them.

Nice, well presented package, with a simple Title screen... there's not a lot of variety in the levels though. In game help is included, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get used to the in game controls. Pity about haveing to press a number just to start the game.

Stand... shoot... dodge... die... shoot... dodge... collect item... shoot etc.
Not much variety here, just a simple shooting platform game... although it is slightly addictive... And i've been told by Meikle that there is a secret level (ooo... how mysterious) and he also said that it was well hard.

Nice, easy to see graphics, with an outline that Circy would be proud of... The viruses could do with a bit more work (so that they actuallly look in your direction instead of forwards). Background is nice... although it isnt brilliant.

Sound and Music
The music was supplied by It's a nice tune, although it doesnt quite fit in with the theme of the game. (last man on earth, about to be killed by lots of viruses, and he chosses a kind of bouncy tune...)
If there was any sounds, i didnt notice any.

This game is an addictive game, that should keep you satisfied for a while. Especially if you want to complete the whole game (inculding the secret level)

Overall, another high quality 'newbie' game from Meikle... well done.

What? a screenshot i hear you cry?
I can never get the sizes right

Sound and Music:

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