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Titan Exodus 2 (demo)
Author: cake Submitted: 10th October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 191

Edited By Biax on 10/10/2003

Edited By Lando Biax on 10/10/2003

A side scrolling shooter. Only the demo, so there's only 1 level, and only 2 game modes are availible; Arcade Mode and 2 player mode.
It's only 1.5mb you may as well download it and have a bit of fun

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Posted by istvan 10th October, 2003

looks great! ill download it soon.
Posted by ripthor 10th October, 2003

Wow! Great graphics! Especially the waterfall effect!Did you make them? And the music, it's from Metal Slug, but are you the one who cnverted it into a midi?
Posted by cake 10th October, 2003

Thanks! Yes I did the waterfalls. Actually the music is in MOD and IT format, not MIDI, and I didn't convert the songs. Metal Slug kicks butt :)
Posted by Pete Nattress 11th October, 2003

it's a cool game but it's VERY similar to Super Ken Senshi with those upgrade things... they look almost ripped. apart from that, nice job, although i encountered a few bugs with the movement (going through obstacles) and it's hard to see where your ship is sometimes. a much clearer pointer would be better.
Posted by Radix 11th October, 2003

The P1 arrow looks familar to me. I keep thinking Super Darius, but it can't be that, and I haven't played Darius Twin. Ah well.
Posted by cake 11th October, 2003

Pete, now you mention it they are very similar, aren't they? Truth to tell I did those graphics a loooong time before I played SKS, so dont sweat on it ;). Radix, I can't think of where, I dont play too many DC games, usually only the GOTW ones, but it could be similar to something from an arcade game Im not sure. For gods sake I dont rip graphics! Lol
Posted by Radix 11th October, 2003

lol, for a second I thought you meant Dreamcast by DC. I've got a friend messaging me right now telling me to get a Dreamcast just for SHMUPS.
Posted by cake 11th October, 2003

haha I guess GOTW is some funky genre exclusive to the Dreamcast too, eh? Dreamcast also kicks butt
Posted by Smeggy 11th October, 2003

titan let you do this ryan? *cakey!*
Posted by Pkeod 11th October, 2003 everyone go here here now! or not Remember Raptor?
Posted by cake 11th October, 2003

Jon- yeh he did mate, I asked him a long time ago. It says something about that somewhere on my site. Thirdly: Raptor seriously kicks butt. But! That new game they have Demonstar is soooo cool. 21 downloads w0000000t!
Posted by Batchman 12th October, 2003

good game !!! must be in frontpage :)
Posted by cake 12th October, 2003

Thanks! I dunno, do they put demos on the frontpage?
Posted by matthew amos 13th October, 2003

oi biax its swishy54 hey um what is ur site i forgot casue ur game is mad the game is hell
Posted by cake 13th October, 2003

Matthew; the site's URL is:
Posted by Smeggy 13th October, 2003

cool, I like it dude, your a great spritist, I hear you need hosting, contact me about it sometime:
Posted by cake 13th October, 2003

Thanks Jon ;), like everything I like in life, I treat spriting as an art and I always seek to improve my abilities in it. :) I'll be uploading spriting tutorials after my HSC is finished, which is a few weeks away!! 8S
Posted by Radix 13th October, 2003

Damn HSC. Only 1 week to live.
Posted by cake 13th October, 2003

Haha b4 we're annyhilated 10hours of study a day just isnt enough :'(
Posted by Radix 14th October, 2003

I've found I can't study at all after 12 o'clock. Maths is going to brutally rape me.
Posted by mdfm2k 15th October, 2003

Awsome game biax. I been waiting for it in its final stages for ages. and its look even better than before.
Posted by tHeBiGdOlT 18th October, 2003

i'm not going download a game that 100% ripped! this game s0xx0rs!
Posted by cake 19th October, 2003

what? Nothing is ripped you retard. Don't make arsehole accusations.
Posted by Nickstudios 4th March, 2004

Even if it was ripped graphics no one should care it's the game that counts.
Posted by Nickstudios 4th March, 2004

BTW, great demo
Posted by pulsecode 18th April, 2004

"Even if it was ripped graphics no one should care it's the game that counts." Pfft! ripped gfx suck balls! And if the gfx were ripped when the game author said they werent then people SHOULD care, you fool!! ;^p Ofcourse, these graphics are NOT ripped, so its all good!





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