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Aqua Jet
Author: Ben Submitted: 31st October, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Racing Downloads: 144

Edited By Ben on 6/29/2011

Aqua Jet was originally released in 1997 and has now been updated for Windows Vista/7 compatibility. In addition, three new courses have been added (total of eight) and lots of bug fixes and other new features have been added to this boat racing game.

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Posted by Lew 31st October, 2003

The title page is nice, the controls are easy, the movements nice-I like it :) The graphics could use some work but who cares?
Posted by Teapot 31st October, 2003

is there anyway to make the screen samller? just seemed a little slow that's all, oh and when you land a jump you should keep your entry speed
Posted by Ben 1st November, 2003

Damien: Make the screen smaller eh? I probably should have included a little "coding" that would allow the player to switch between full screen and windowed modes. I didn't really think of this... sorry. *Hanging head in shame* I ultimately decided on full-screen to better create the effect of speed and racing. Thanks also for your tip on keeping boat speeds constant in-flight.
Posted by >NzR< 2nd November, 2003

The boat doesnt accelerate... I tried every button, but it was useless..
Posted by hey hey shoe 4th November, 2003

ise bery fan
Posted by hey hey shoe 4th November, 2003

i fink is to make de gooder wan graphic because then is yes can say to put in award, very very can say the shoe is nice...
Posted by Ben 5th November, 2003

HZR, I'm really not sure why you can't the boat to accelerate. The accelerate button by default is the up arrow, but it can be redefined. I haven't really heard of anyone else having this problem, but if somebody does, please let me know.
Posted by Meteorite Capacity 10th June, 2005

This is one of the coolest games on my hard drive.





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