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Velocity Dodgeball 1.2
Author: Ben Submitted: 26th October, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 223

Edited By Ben on 10/26/2007

Velocity Dodgeball v1.2 captures the fun and excitement of dodgeball in the classic team vs. team style.

Start by creating your very own Velocity Dodgeball franchise, and enter league mode. Earn cash for victories, putting it towards the improvement of your team in five different areas, from general speed to throwing power to reaction time. Compete for the Velocity Dodgeball League Championship and build your team towards becoming a dynasty. Watch as your opponents crumble as you completely dominate (or be destroyed) on the floor.

Velocity Dodgeball gives you the control to play action packed dodgeball games, or enjoy the simulator mode and watch as the results of your season begin to unfold and see how your team stacks up in the competitive Velocity Dodgeball League.

New features from previous versions include

-Game interface has been reworked to allow for a higher 800x600 resolution
-Improved artificial intelligience makes playing single-player games far more competitive
-Players can now jump for the ball at the beginning of rounds to try and win first posession
-New in-game arena details and graphics
-Improved league display window
-A new playoff feature to determine season champions
-Improved help and support
-Joystick/gamepad compatibility
-Improved ball physics and collisions

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 (2.32 mkb )

Posted by Ben 27th October, 2007

By the way, if you remember this game being submitted before. An older version was, when I went to edit the old download, I accidently deleted it so I had to re-submit it.
Posted by Milo 27th October, 2007

What are the controls?
Why does it keep crashing on "New Team" thing.
This game doesnt make sense
Posted by Hotspot Jones 27th October, 2007

Lot of customization and stuff, and that's always neat, but I think the mechanics need to be tweaked. The ball is WAY too bouncy. An ambitious project, and you did a lot with it--play around with your core gameplay and it could be way fun
Posted by Guru Rinpoche 28th October, 2007

It's clear that a lot of work went into this, and the gameplay's fun albeit too frantic. The gameplay gave me epilepsy, and now I'm dead. But with my dying breath I clicked "thumbs up".
Posted by Ben 28th October, 2007

Milo - There is a help file. Click "help" for the controls on the main menu. I'm not sure why it's crashing on the New Team window, can you elaborate on what's happening a bit?
Hotspot Jones - Too bouncy eh? Well, that I suppose I could investigate a little bit, maybe add a little more customization even...
Guru Rinpoche - Epilepsy? Come on... This is NOTHING compared to SOME of the games I've seen around here! I suppose all I can really say is that the gameplay is frantic because it's supposed to be... I suppose a re-tweak?
Posted by Simon Colmer 31st October, 2007

This is such a charming little game! Top stuff!
Posted by Ben 31st October, 2007

Let me know if anyone else has the same crash issue that Milo had






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