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Deep Side::Beta
Author: Galaxy613 Submitted: 16th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 198

Edited By (|<4r1 on 11/16/2003

My beta of my upcoming game 'Deep Side', it has no story yet, if anyone is willing to help with one that'll be great.

In this beta you can fly on two "Mission"s, one you defend a battleship, the other 'mission' you fight other ships in a "arena".

99% of the gfx are maybe by me, you only lib gfx I used was the xplodes, I stink at making xplodez...

Unlike most of my old demos, I'm problay going to finnish this one, C|<4R1 0U7

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 16th November, 2003

Good Graphics, but the gameplay is kind of blah. Also, what kind of movement are you using, it seems strange. And why is the w key fire?
Posted by Galaxy613 16th November, 2003

For ppl woundering why the movement isn't the 'normal' 8 or 16 or 32 direction movement is, thats too normal and I'm not, so I used something different for the movement. I got the concept from one1 helping some1 else with skiding for a racing game, I forgot his name so I can't credit him :( Rough version of what he said: "You can do skidding but haveing one object that the car looks too and goes too,.. this is also how you make space ship movement", remember, that was from memory and that could've been two ppl saying that. Anyways thats how I ded the movement. Why the 'W' key fire? 1. Cuz' I don't like useing Ctrl or shift becuz' it's too normal for klik games 2. Cuz' I might have missiles and other things that need more buttons then shift and ctrl can give
Posted by Galaxy613 16th November, 2003

and the gameplay is blah sence theres no story and really has no substance yet, the full game will have to have a story mode or something along those lines.
Posted by Galaxy613 17th November, 2003

another reason why the gameplay stinks, every "mission"(and I quote "mission") is too short one way or another!! :(
Posted by Yuhkaz 18th November, 2003

You are critiquing your own game before we get a chance!! lol :P
Posted by Yuhkaz 18th November, 2003

oh BTW WHY WHY WHY did the screenshots have to be *.bmps?!?! :(
Posted by Harvy 18th November, 2003

I agree with Joel about the bmps... on the internet, jpg or gif is better (you should be able to do that with Paint)
Posted by HOSJ 18th November, 2003

PLEASE tell me that the spaceship in the second shot was ripped..
Posted by Galaxy613 21st November, 2003

fine it was ripped....from DoGA's render box ;)





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