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OP: ShipViewer Update Pak
Author: Galaxy613 Submitted: 29th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 71

OmegaProject: Ship Viewer v1.5

This Update has more ships for a total of 6 ships to look at and an updated .exe and ships.txt. Comments are welcome, you need to download 1.1 and unzip this in the same dir you installed 1.1.


CK4R1 0U7

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Posted by J.J 30th December, 2003

I tried the first one and it chrashed my machine....
Posted by J.J 30th December, 2003

Memory Acces Voilation. On my new computer =) Dunno what it is... but my sys specs are not bad so it cant be my comp. (I also tried it on my laptop wich gave me the same error)It has to be your buggy program or my Windows XP settings, i have almost the same on both computers. It apears after i've written in the name thingie. PM me if you find out somthing. Ok?
Posted by Pkeod 30th December, 2003

hum... I'm having the same problem :(
Posted by Galaxy613 30th December, 2003

did you type in one or did you press enter? Either way it can't find the ships file, if you typed in one then you prob spelled it wrong or if you spelled it right, there isn't such ship in the /ships/ folder
Posted by Stian B. 31st December, 2003

More info,pictures and perhaps a link to the entire game huh? Not everybody knows what Shipviewer is. No way in the deepest sea I wish to download this now.
Posted by Galaxy613 31st December, 2003

the "entire game" isn't even past alpha, and this is only a ship viewer to view ships that'll be in an Space Engine that other ppl will use and also a way to build up my prob skillz. if you really want to see the engine then heres a link:





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