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Author: walter06 Submitted: 3rd December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 186

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Edited By walter06 on 12/4/2003

Use a fan to move a bubble through 35 levels between narrow pipes full of traps (smoke, water, light, air, electricity...) and collect all the stars. Test your dexterity and keep cool!
INFOS: Move the fan with the mouse. Click to send air on the bubble. More the fan is near of the bubble more it will go far.
The time to collect the stars is limited. If the bubble explode it will reappear on the last taken star. When all the stars are collected you have all your time to go in the "warp-stars" to change level.

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Posted by Robert100chat 4th December, 2003

sounds very original, like a kuru kuru kurin game but with a bubble not a stick
Posted by Arf :: FPP Games 4th December, 2003

Nice concept, although it would be better if the bubble's movement was realistically inertia-based. What I mean is, at the moment when you blow the bubble one way it moves straight in that direction, whereas in reality it would carry on moving in its previous direction a bit, at the same time. Still, good game.
Posted by walter06 4th December, 2003

Arf: I understand what you mean but the whole gameplay would be different. I didn't make a realistic move for the bubble because it would be impossible to play in that kind of levels. For another style of game maybe, why not. Robert: Right! I loved kuru kururin;)
Posted by Jonas (Peasants) 4th December, 2003

nice gfx, but kinda boring game...itīs not that enjoying if you know what i mean;)Try make a platformgame instead lol:)
Posted by walter06 4th December, 2003

Jonas: Platforme are always the same, and so repetitive, there's no new creation. I prefer to make new style of games.
Posted by Mark 4th December, 2003

I remember a game like this on the N64. It was only released in Japan, and roughly translated to "Fire Electric Pen" which means one of those machines with the hook and the wire, and you have to guide it without touching the sides. Original.
Posted by walter06 4th December, 2003

Mark: I don't know that N64 game but I know the toy with the hook, the wire and the red light which turn on when there's an electric contact. I think Bubble Star is a mix between that game and Kuru Kururin :) Jonas: If you prefer Platform or RPG I made one but not with MMF. It's a 100% pure C language. You can download it on my website.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 5th December, 2003

The graphics are so cool, and it's fun to play. Great game!
Posted by Hplkopra 5th December, 2003

Good graphics, gameplay and so on, but I don't really like this game. :(
Posted by SoftWarewolf 5th December, 2003

i didnt find any download link
Posted by Matt [cash money klikaz] 5th December, 2003

altho it's not my kind of game, i can say it's fairly well made.
Posted by walter06 7th December, 2003

v1.0: 26 levels v1.5: 35 levels v1.6: Fixed bug on the 10th level v1.7: Last levels modified and easier
Posted by Nuutti 9th December, 2003

:O doesnt work
Posted by The Chris Street 9th December, 2003

Hmm. Andrew Mathers Movement extention seems to have been used here. There was an example included which used a mouse controlled fan to move a thingy around. Hope you didn't rip the engine and use that :|
Posted by walter06 9th December, 2003

Nuutti: Too bad for you That's strange anyway! CIRCY: To move the fan/bubble there's nothing special to do, I just used the integrated MMF function which does it in 1 line. I never heard about Andrew Mathers Movement!? The only one extension I used is "Volume object" by Burkey which is free.
Posted by The Chris Street 9th December, 2003

fair enough =)





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