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Review: BUBBLE STAR v1.6
Author: Dark One
Added: 03/12/2003

Dark One Entertainment's Review of Bubble Star

Presentation : No offense, but we have a really poor presentation here. The creator could have put a lot more into the description, but all he did was put 2 lines, there should be atleast a 2 paragraph description of the game. There is one screenshot, but it would have been nice to have a couple, or the creator should have seperated the ss's and made them 2 different screenshots. When it's one all it does it screw up the quality. I give the presentation a 5.

Gameplay : Man oh man, must have been really hard to program this game, to make it work properally. I found no glitches or flaws in the gameplay and each level in the game is really challenging and hard after the first few levels. I give the gameplay a 10, you deserve it.

Graphics : Wicked graphics, they are really nice and must have took you awhile it get them perfect. The graphics fit really nicely, and are great. Not many other ways to explain the graphics, they're just really good. I give the graphics a 10.

Sound and Music : Nice sound effects and great music. The sounds effects are perfect for the game and definetly needed for a game like this. The music was nice and pleasing to listen and fits in nicely with the game. I give you a 10 for Sound and Music.

Lastability : You'll play it once, you probably won't make it all the way to the end, due to extreme challenge and you won't play it more than once, but it's still worth a download and trial. I give the game an 7 because it is challenging and will probably make it atleast 50% through the game, unless your really determined to beat it.

Overall : Overall this game is a really good game, I recommend that you download it, play it, and try your best to best the entire game, which I don't think you will but it's worth the try . Anyway great game, keep up the good work and I give you an 8.

-Damon, Dark One Entertainment

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