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Grizzlies 3
Author: Jimmy Brzezicki Submitted: 9th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 473

Edited By Jimmy Brzezicki on 12/11/2003

Edited By Jimmy Brzezicki on 12/10/2003

Edited By Jimmy Brzezicki on 12/10/2003

GRIZZLIES 3, Full Game!

Grizzlies 3 is a real-time platform combat game with totally deformable terrain (a la worms) and 10 completely different weapons, ranging from a shotgun to the sniper rifle and thermonuclear device. You can steer rockets and build bridges with the ice gun. You can dissolve the terrain (or your opponent!) with the acid gun. And if 10 weapons isn't enough, how about over 15 items? Everything from proximity mines to nukes and a lightsabre are included, alongside robotic suits and items that give you abilities such as flight and acrobatics. Still, this is a lot of dressing for a simple deathmatch game, so there are some more game types (even capture the flag) and a whole load of options that Grizzlies 2 players will expect, as well as many more. But for more variety you can fight it out in six different terrains (Forest, city, cyber…) at three different times of day. For further customisation you can name your Grizzly, and chose one of 17 skins, inspired by movies or just original, each with their own special item; Batbear with his batrope, a ninja with a throwing star etc. Most of this is multiplayer focussed, but the single player is not unaccounted for with a fully customisable AI opponent, with over a billion personalities (no exaggeration) that can range from target practice for beginners to an opponent who can easily challenge the strongest veteran (I speak from experience!). Couple this with Great presentation and even background movies of the game running in the menus and you have one killer game. Those who were put off by Grizzlies 2's controls will also be pleased to hear that a entirely new intuitive control system has been built in (although you can still use the old one if you wish) and those of limited means will be pleased to know that although it is a large and quite demanding game, it can be scaled down with a multitude of options, and will even run on the lowliest of machines (well, on my test computer, 500Mhz, it ran perfectly with all options on except transparent water). Those of you like myself, with slow Internet connections will also be pleased by the download size.

I'm afraid that due to a little inefficiency with the saving processes TGF started refusing to load information, so I had to drop the majority of the challenges, but still included are the Normandy Assault and Chimp Challenge single player levels, which offer a little extra for the single player gamer!

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Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 10th December, 2003

The graphics (there are only a couple of them, credited in the readme) are a long story. I made the game (most of it) before I knew about TDC and your loathing of library graphics. The portion I had made included the movie clips of the game in play, which I had made by painstakingly taking screenshots of every frame (50 per second) re-editting them in paint and aligning them back in the animation editor. Do you know haw long that took? So I'm sure you can see why I didn't want to go through all that trouble again just for some trees, an explosion and a splash of water. I still did a huge amount of graphics for the game. If you want to see them for yourself first hand then I recomment you try using Winzip 8.1 or up because that's what I used to zip it and that works just fine. (double checked just now just to make sure!)
Posted by Astral_86 11th December, 2003

Hey! Link still doesn't work!!!! Why not change to ? :P
Posted by Mkingy 11th December, 2003

WOW, this game rocks, definately front page material. well done Jimmy. *slaps him on the back.
Posted by simon schweizer 11th December, 2003

link dont work! perhaps too nuch traffic?!
Posted by Anton Filonenko 11th December, 2003

from wha i can see from the screen shots kinda looks like soldat. cant wait till it downloads
Posted by Anton Filonenko 11th December, 2003

bloody geocities only gives you a little bantwich size wont let me download
Posted by BattleCat 11th December, 2003

Now it doesn't work anymore
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 11th December, 2003

DAMN YOU GEOCITIES! D A M N Y O U! Oh, thanks for all the comments, guys! I thought I wouldn't reach my bandwidth limit until around 200 downloads (which I didn't think would be a problem) but Geocities obviously sucks. Downloadz doesn't host files big enough (only about 500Kb) but don't worry, I really will sort something out.
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 11th December, 2003

I've said this enough times to make you a little sceptical, but I think I really have fixed it this time. I've got some web space with my ISP, so it should be reliable. In addition it should be pretty quick too, 18 mins on 33K.
Posted by Anton Filonenko 11th December, 2003

thanks for fixing it downloading right now 15 mins left cant wait
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 11th December, 2003

im getting frustrated! i just spent 30 Min downloading and it doesnt work! theres this stupid error that i cant fix! the game looks good but amke the download work!
Posted by cake 11th December, 2003

this looks seriously cool, I'm at 18% and remain worried after reading the posts. *starts praying* ;) Great work!
Posted by Assault Andy 11th December, 2003

Amazing Map Gen, but I don't like the actual game that much.
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 12th December, 2003

Oh, damn, I must have missed that one Chicken, sorry. The glitch is because very recently I changed a lot of the coding which made it run about 10 times as fast, but obviously I forgot to change that. Does it only happen in city? I'll try and fix it anyway. Thanks for all the comments! Oh, Batel of Neonair, if you can't unzip it properly try using Winzip 8.1 or up (that's what I used to zip it) because that works fine.
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 12th December, 2003

OK, I've fixed the time of day glitch (Thanks for reporting that, Chicken!) and I've zipped it on an older version of winzip, so hopefully noone will have any trouble unzipping it.
Posted by colej_uk 12th December, 2003

Kick-ass game ! :) kinda like worms in real time.
Posted by Wormware 12th December, 2003

Nice game. original! Good work!
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 12th December, 2003

Posted by Simen 12th December, 2003

Yeah, this is a great game! kinda like Liero...
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 12th December, 2003

Thanks Simen! Yeah, it's a little like Liero, but I've tried to go around the whole real time worms thing in a different way (more open landscapes, hi res graphics, more manouverability while shooting, faster game play, more balanced weapons -at least these are the things I was aiming for)
Posted by Strife 12th December, 2003

I've been "hibernating" for a while due to the boring games that have been submitted to TDC. But this game looks, like, TOTALY AWESOME. :D Downloading... (by the way, thanks for waking me from my hibernation ;) )
Posted by Strife 12th December, 2003

Aw horse puckey. The ZIP file won't open... :(
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 12th December, 2003

i am using winzip!
Posted by Jetstar 12th December, 2003

Posted by Jetstar 12th December, 2003

if it says server reset try downloading again worked for me :p
Posted by Evil Monkey 12th December, 2003

Em... I beat Normandy Assult but it doesn't save my results. ???
Posted by haloboycs 12th December, 2003

DAMIT, this game pissing me off. bronze medal for first level, ok then, 2nd level, how the hell do u beat it? being bombarded with bombs and machine guns.
Posted by Evil Monkey 12th December, 2003

Just walk to the right of the screen. Takes my eight seconds.
Posted by haloboycs 12th December, 2003

well i cant move right with machine guns that push you all the way to left.
Posted by Kåre Kølle Johansen 13th December, 2003

is this a 2 player game? I mean, its hard to make AI on an enemy in an platform game wich contains jumping and constantly variating terrain. Is it a 1 player option in this one?
Posted by Razorshark Productions 13th December, 2003

Nice programming Lad, good overall job...8)
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 13th December, 2003

Thanks for all the comments! Batel of Neonair, I know you're using winzip, but which version? Anyway I've rezipped a slightly less glitched version on winzip 7 so if you've got that version or up you shouldn't have any problems. Voodo Yoshi, I'm sorry but TGF refused to load any more information on the menu frame which is why there are only those 2 challenges, and that's why it doesn't display your success on the challenges menu. It's also why doing that level doesn't unlock anything. However, if you try and do it again, it should still show your best time on the mission debrief screen (I explai most of this in the readme, too). It does have 1 player (although it's primarily 2 player). Yes, AI is hard to program, but what can I say? I'm obviously pretty taleted (joke). Seriously, the AI is pretty good, it works by making decisions based on the priorities given to it by it's customisable personality. And seriously, thanks to everyone who has downloaded this (150 people!) but a review would be nice. Don't make me review it myself!
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 13th December, 2003

its winzip 8.1
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 13th December, 2003

In which case I don't know what's happening. It works fine for me, and for a lot of other people (but strangely not all). Hmmm... Have you tried downloading it since I zipped it on an older version?
Posted by Jetstar 13th December, 2003

The game is way too slow! :p and the AI is pretty slow too react to your shots XD but I like it alot :D
Posted by Blackgaze 13th December, 2003

cool game, menu is annoying
Posted by Evil Monkey 13th December, 2003

Hmm... maybe you need to get MMF because TGF is starting to lose it's potential. And this time static would be really helpful. :)
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 14th December, 2003

You can turn on fast menus if they're anoying you. And yes, I'm getting MMF. I've been experimenting with the trail version, it's pretty hip. Mmmm... 10000 active objects...
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 14th December, 2003

yeah!!!! after 6 downloads it finally works! this game is super nice too. thanx for ur help jimmy
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 14th December, 2003

I'm glad you've got it working, Batel (can I call you Batel?), and I'm glad you like the un-glitched version, Chicken! But as for the rest of you, can't anyone review my game (preferably someone that likes it!)? Really, I'm gonna review it myself if noone else does, and you know how biased THAT would be!
Posted by Va1entine 14th December, 2003

hay jimmy, nice game dude, very professional,love the start credit scene with your name stunning!! i use the games factory too, Grizzlies 3 must have taken you age's to make!!!!
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 15th December, 2003

It took a few months, but that was mostly playtesting! I'm glad you like it, it just goes to show there's still plenty of life in TGF!
Posted by DeathMuppet 15th December, 2003

hmm... its ok... but the AI needs to be better... my opponent kept on flame throwing the ground beneath him till he kept on drowning... anyway other then that it was great. Keep up the good work
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 16th December, 2003

Put up your opponents accuracy and weapon selection, and they won't do that. Part of good AI is the ability to simulate stupidity.
Posted by AfterStar 20th December, 2003

Very nice game,needs MORE Challenge modes and better AI thought! and... Could you please make the control keys easier for PLAYER2?I mean they are extremely too close! Oh and Player2 Jumping and special item use don't work!I keep pressing "Q"(USE special Item) and "~"(Jumping) but it doesn;t do anything!AS many times as i tried it stills the same!
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 22nd December, 2003

You can adjust AI ability (when you first load the game it's set to the absolute lowest setting), and I'm afraid I couldn't make more challenges because TGF couldn't cope (there's a more detailed explanation in the readme). Sorry if you found player 2's keys to be too close, but I'm afraid I tried spreading them when playtesting and a whole load of people complained so I put them back. And I don't know what's happening with the jumping glitch, it doesn't happen to me and I've had no other complaints. Obviously you need an item before you can use it, but other than that it's probably a problem with your keyboard -often when several keys are pressed at once one or more refuse to function, in your case it might mean that when player 1 is playing, player 2's controls are not registered. If this is the case then you should be able to move normally when player 1 isn't doing anything.
Posted by AfterStar 23rd December, 2003

no we tried it already!BTW the controls worked fine when i played the first time...! I uninstall and reinstall but its still the same problem...oh well! Anyway i was wondering(I got WinXP):Do you know where the PrintScreened images are saved on the HD? I pressed several times PrintScreen just to try out the method you used for making the main menu's small screenshots animations,but i can only PASTE the image in a program.......and that i can't do it every milisecond ;).......... I hope you understand what i mean above!...
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 23rd December, 2003

It saves the images on the clipboard, it's a bit like ram I guess in that you can't access them directly, you really do have to paste them. In order to do what I did with Grizzlies I added a question object where choosing an answer would simply create the same question object (so it would go on forever). While the question was asked it pauses the game, answering it goes through 1 cycle of events (one frame, or 1 50'th of a second) and then pauses it again so you can take and save another screenshot. I have to warn you that this takes a DAMN long time.
Posted by Rouillon 5th October, 2008

I really can't seem to get the download connection...? could any one help ? thank you! (tried at least 10 times!!)

Comment edited by Rouillon on 10/6/2008
Posted by gomez123098 15th January, 2009

umm the link is broken
switch it please would love
to play the game





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