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Stick Matrix (updated link!)
Author: Jimmy Brzezicki Submitted: 29th November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Beat 'Em Up Downloads: 594

Edited By Jimmy Brzezicki on 10/15/2004

Edited By Jimmy Brzezicki on 10/15/2004

Edited By Jimmy Brzezicki on 10/15/2004

Edited By Jimmy Brzezicki on 12/1/2003

Stick Matrix!
Inspired by both the superfluidity of the Neo/100 Agent Smiths sequence, and the Japanese Stick man "Xio Xio" animations, I decided to create the ultimate fluid fighting game based on the aforementioned Agent Smith fight. I made this game to play, not make, so in order to create as many moves as possible and animate them as fluidly as I could (some animations are over 100 frames, and most run at speed 100) I made them stickmen. But it worked! The result is an 8-directional fighting game with around thirty brilliantly fluid moves, which automatically alter according to the situation. An example that actually happened today: I was fighting with the pole (devastatingly powerful!) when a Smith caught me off guard, and hit me, knocking Neo back, spinning head over heels, and knocking the pole out of his hands. But Neo's feet met with another Smith behind him, prompting him to kick off from the Agent, sending him hurtling back, and sending Neo into a forward flip. Meanwhile the pole bounced off the wall and was catching up with Neo, who promptly caught it while upside down (without messing up his animation) allowing him to vault forwards using it into the crowd of Smiths before him, scattering them like pins on a bowling alley. It took about half a second for all of the above to happen. But the combat isn't always lightening fast, as the game features full bullet time, which slows everything to a crawl, squeezing every last drop of coolness from the animations (which remain smooth due to the vast number of frames). I bullet time, slugs leave ripples through the air and Neo effortlessly casts aside Agents like paper towels. Other examples of moves from the film that you can do: Stop bullets, spin around the pole while running along agents, kick the pole off an Agent and catch it, jump and spin kick 2 agents and of course ultra fast Kung Fu blocking. In addition all the music is taken from the appropriate moments of the film, in order to make it infinitely more atmospheric. If the above all sounds a little over the top for a stick man game then bear in mind that this is no engine, and I really have put a lot of work into it, (it even has a little intro thing with Matrix code) you really do fight 100 Agent Smiths, and it's damn hard too. It's not long or blessed with 3D shaded graphics, but it is sweet.

I've now updated the link, hopefully this will be a little more reliable...

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Posted by Airflow 30th November, 2003

If I don't download this i will be stabbed in the back of my neck by my conscence. Download WOOOOOORRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKk!!!!!!!!! : Please.
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 1st December, 2003

I've emailed this to Pete Nattress, hopefully he'll be able to load it onto something more reliable. I'm afraid I can't send it to everyone cause I'm on 33K and it takes me around half an hour. I'll fix this as soon as I can...
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 1st December, 2003

!!!!R E A D T H I S!!!! I've updated the link, and it seems to be working a whole lot better (I can get it to work now!). It seems to be the case that if you right click and save target as on the URL below where it says Download now, it's about twice as fast, so hopefully that'll help.
Posted by Klikmaster 1st December, 2003

Yay! A pretty good game, loads of moves, too much for me tho :P I take the main ones and fight. Why do I get shot? They all say "It is inevitable..." its so annoying
Posted by seb 1st December, 2003

wow,it's really impressive!very good job!
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 1st December, 2003

Yiu have to stand completely still and do no moves to stop the bullets (or if you're half way through a move you can dive out of the way by doing a flip). If they start sayig "it is ievetable" then they're pilig on top of you and you'd better tap attack damn fast to do the agent explosion. Thanks a lot for your comment, Seb, and thanks to all those people who voted 'good'!
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 1st December, 2003

wow, my keyboard must be broken or something...
Posted by Klikmaster 1st December, 2003

Oh right, explosion thingy, thanks...
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 2nd December, 2003

I'm sorry to hear that. If I were you, I'd lay the smack down.
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 2nd December, 2003

Woohoo! 100 downloads! But why the bad vibes people? (some of you, anyway). I really don't think this is more 'bad' than 'good', although that said, I guess I am somewhat biased.
Posted by Klikmaster 4th December, 2003

I find this game pretty hard, I can get to about 80 smiths remaining. Do you have any tips? I wanna use the pole!
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 4th December, 2003

Basically you just need to bare in mind that they can't hit you while you're attacking, so you need to be as fast as you can! Take advantage of moves like the spin-kick (up and shift) and the double flip kick (forwards and flip when enemies are on both sides) as with these moves you can take out 2 guys at once and stop them from overpowering you. When there aren't many guys around you can also block (hold control) which can't kill them but it wares their health down really fast. If you can master it the double two way punch (down and shift) can be extremely devestating (as you can take out tons of guys!) but you can only do it when you're touching someone on each side and it doesn't work if you tap at it frantically, so it's real hard to do. Don't wrorry, it does get a lot easier with the pole, but with patience you can learn to kill all 100 without using the pole (by the way, the pole appears when there's around 70 left, press control while standing still to pick it up).
Posted by Teapot 4th December, 2003

um how do u get the stick?
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 5th December, 2003

Kill enoughof them and it appears (only on level 2 against the Smiths). Then press control to pick it up (or kick it into a Smith and catch it, or flip over it). Then you can really kick ass, although I did answer this in my last post...
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 7th December, 2003

Argh... I have a 56k... Why the hell does thios have to be so detailed? I can't friggin' download it!
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 7th December, 2003

Yeah I know. I'm surprised myself that it turned out so big, but before I uploaded it I tried to cut it down as much as I could and the result was only about 800K difference, so I just decided to go with the full version. It's actually the number of frames of animation (over a 100 for some animations) that does it, and that's essential for smooth bullet time. And the music, because it's the music from the film and I couldn't find that in midi format. I uploaded it on 33K and it only (only...) took around 30 mins, so you should be able to download it in about 20. It's not as bad as it looks but obviously it's up to you.
Posted by John 8th December, 2003

Must....Download...But...Link's...Down...Again ;)
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 9th December, 2003

NOOOOOOOOO! After all the trouble I went through to sort it out...
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 9th December, 2003

Link sorted again. Wasn't me, it was that darn Geocities thing.
Posted by Blargh 10th December, 2003

it has an error on the opening file. it says unexpected end of archive! it took me so long to download this on my crappy 56k modem!!! :@
Posted by Blargh 10th December, 2003

Posted by MC.Cracka 10th December, 2003

Jimmy Brzezicki send it to me by e-mail and I'll make a mirror of it
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 13th December, 2003

I would but it would take me all night (I'm on 33k).
Posted by Jetstar 13th December, 2003

i'M DOWNLOADING TWO COPYIES too compare them :p THE FIRST ONE i right clicked on the url the second on the download button the second one is faster :D (the download button) but not that fast XD
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 14th December, 2003

How bizarre...
Posted by jimmy 234 14th December, 2003

File is corrupt i've tried winzip 8.1 and it makes it even worse!
Posted by deano151991 22nd December, 2003

downloading by the comments it doesn't look that good but anywaz
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 23rd December, 2003

Phizzy Games: Please, crude Ali G impersonations are so passe.
Posted by cosmos 24th December, 2003

corrupt file...
Posted by Peter Pham 13th March, 2004

i can't download the game!! and i have ultimate zip!!
Posted by cassa 12th July, 2004

can anyone repost this?
Posted by Joshua M. 25th July, 2004

FLAAP I wanna play!!!!@$!
Posted by Noyb 27th August, 2004

Fun, fast fighting, with smooth animations. I like the Zelda refrences. Oh, and you can still play the game when it says it's corrupt, it just makes some music sound staticy.
Posted by Noyb 27th August, 2004

I made a mistake in the review. There is victory music. 8)
Posted by DarkMatterX 28th August, 2004

ack! fix the damn link, geoshitties is being ghey
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 1st October, 2004

Phizzy-Unless my definition of swearing is outdated, the phrase "sucked me nans arse" isn't swearing. But then you deleted the post in question, I guess we'll never know. Anyone else-I know the link sucks, and if anyone else knows somewhere better (and free) where I can host this and some really good upcoming games, I'd appreciate it
Posted by Metatail 10th October, 2004

can someone send me this game ? the link is broken again.. (grrrrrr....) my email - thanx
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 11th October, 2004

I'm trying some hosting alternatives at the moment (for this and some beter games coming soon).
Posted by janne598 14th October, 2004

please can you send it to me at my email? <-that is my email
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 15th October, 2004

Woohoo! Brand new hosting seems to work! And I grudgingly admit that we all have Phizzy to thank.
Posted by WTFA54FU (Hermano) 24th November, 2004

Will it work on a 366 Mhz processor?
Posted by WTFA54FU (Hermano) 24th November, 2004

It wont work on my windows XP cause of STICKYKEYS,
Posted by KaytekCGNet 4th December, 2004

VERY GOOD game! But... too small !
Posted by KaytekCGNet 5th December, 2004

Hey, I can't win! :) How to landing? Give me some health! :)
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 14th December, 2004

You can shut off sticky keys from windows, yes, it is too small (super stick fighter turbo will be bigger, sort of) and I'm not quite sure what you mean KaytekCGNet. All the moves are in the included text file, and you do start with some health (though not a huge amount).
Posted by Daman 17th December, 2004

Link isnt working
Posted by Daman 17th December, 2004

Please fix, the link isnt working, i really want to try it:D
Posted by Daman 18th December, 2004

I kill all 3 of them and then nothing happens?
Posted by Kerry Mavy 21st December, 2004

you have to press esc then u fly away
Posted by Jimmy Brzezicki 17th January, 2005

Yeah sorry, that was a kind of obscure control.






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