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Pac-Man Evolution DEMO
Author: >NzR< Submitted: 13th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 77

Edited By >NzR< on 12/13/2003

Ok, so this is a 3 level Demo of the game Pac-Man Evolution....
You are Pac-Man in pretty big, scrolling level, where you must avoid the enemies and collect dot's, fruits and so on.... It's the basic Pac-Man idea, so you'll get fast INTO the game.. I dont know how many levels the game will include, but at least 3 worlds (3 levels in 1 world) and a final boss..
This is nothing like the original Pac-Man, but still pretty much like it..
I'll maybe change some things to the final version, so the 3 first levels will not be the same as now.
When you collect every dot's from the level, you'll get to the next level...
If you see some big bugs, please inform me...

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Posted by Dark One 13th December, 2003

Cool game
Posted by J.J 14th December, 2003

This game was OK. The GFX where pretty good. BUT the the engine needs some improvments. Maybe a more AI enemy? A grid movment whould be VERY good. And Why dont you use "Snap to grid" in the fram editor in MMF? Or if you are using TGF? It whould make the levels look MUCH better. Everything will be lined then so things dont looks messy. Good Luck.
Posted by >NzR< 14th December, 2003

This demo is a bit buggy, but i have continued the project, so it has many improvements.. Also added more animation directions to Pac-Man...
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 14th December, 2003

"This is nothing like the original Pac-Man, but still pretty much like it.." Interesting.
Posted by >NzR< 15th December, 2003

Yes, it is..





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