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Pizza Man
Author: Chrisisle Submitted: 26th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Drive 'Em Up Downloads: 105

In this game you are a Pizza delivery boy who must get the pizzas to the house that is blinking on the map. The game is quite simple. but you have 20 seconds to get to the house or you'll be fired. You also have a "life" meter that tells you how many times u have left to crash and is the meter goes down, you will be fired. and if you go over the speed limit and get caught by a cop, you get tossed in jail.

controlls: arrow keys

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Posted by Simen 26th December, 2003

For the lov of noodels, no more installers!!! especially for games like this( small, probably crappy games)! I will track you dudes down and stick noodels into your ears!!! I'm serious? I'M DEAD SERIOUS!! okay, okay, calm down, calm down... But okay, this was the newest InstallMaker-thingie from clickteam, so it wasn't that bad. But the game was. But at least i was better than that Xmas card. Oh, I've got to go, i got a date with a bowl of noodles... yummy!
Posted by X Member-453 30th December, 2003

mmmmm nooodles yuck, game BALEETED
Posted by Simen 31st December, 2003

Oh crap! Those AAAAA's in the review wasn't meant to go that way!!! poor me... oh? look! noodles! I happy again! Exuse me...
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 31st December, 2003

Simen, that's why I used hyphens. I can't believe this is almost worse than Xmas Card! measure the actual file size nex time.
Posted by J.o.m.p.p.a. 5th January, 2004

Posted by Simen 14th January, 2004

umh... why are you angry? Because this game is crap? Or... Maybe it because... you don't like noodels!! *GASP!* Racist!! ok. n00delcist!!! That sounded way better in my head. N00delcist!!! Whatever. N00delrace!no... umh... N00delrasist! no... Crap! Umh... a good word to call people who dosen't like noodels? Anyone?` Yeah I'm kinda drunk. How did you tell?
Posted by Monkey33333 26th March, 2004

I like noodles! We are brotheren! Long lost brother! Look, noodles! My life is complete!
Posted by Nuklear41 11th September, 2004






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