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Xmas Card
Author: Chrisisle Submitted: 26th December, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 97

This is a interactive Christmas Card.

Have fun

All created by me of course!


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Posted by Simen 26th December, 2003

err... not that i'm really good in game-making or something but "dude, this sux!" okay, mabye not... but it's bad. maybe better than bad. or worse. okay, I gotta stop sniffing glue. Jeez, my heads.
Posted by Simen 26th December, 2003

headS?! Man, I was really wasted...
Posted by Ashman 27th December, 2003

What the fuck was that?
Posted by Ashman 28th December, 2003

I think Buster and I got the point across...
Posted by Mkingy 28th December, 2003

wot the hell. the stupid candles are about as big as the tree! Has this been tested? has this even been played by the creater? Seriousely, you can see why Chrisisle didnt post any screenies. Anyway, needs some more work mate, just a bit.
Posted by EleXor 28th December, 2003

Errhhh this needs lot of work :D Only thing that annoyed me is that YOU CAN LIGHT THE CANDLES WITHOUT CHRISTMASTREE / CANDLES :P (or make some candles without the tree) :F
Posted by Lew 29th December, 2003

Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 29th December, 2003

Disturbing. Read my review to truly understand me. I'm just as pissed as ashman and buster.
Posted by Smeggy 29th December, 2003

Buster, no offence but you've turned into a real asshole.. Give this guy some credit you lame retard. he's a n00b for crying out loud! - people like you should be banned. And as for you Ashman, you need to sort yourself out before I come around you're dump for a house and kick your head in! :P
Posted by Ashman 30th December, 2003

Buster is not an asshole... he's just an asshole. A funny asshole! And besides, even I newbie could recognise that this is truly a disgrace... And I have to agree with Buster about Karnage... I mean... half our jokes were stolen... and then you steal them from us = lame-ing them up...
Posted by kreature 30th December, 2003

man, even though that was pretty rough towards the creator, i laughed hard of buster's review
Posted by X Member-453 30th December, 2003

BALEETED ...hopefully this is fun OMFG DANDRUFF! YAYYY!
Posted by Buster 30th December, 2003

Jon, Welcome to he daily click. I probably gave the nicest review out of the 3, you chose to call me an asshole why? Because I dont normally give people shit. While others do it everyday...
Posted by Ashman 31st December, 2003

I think I was an asshole personally I accused him of ruining Christmas...
Posted by Buster 31st December, 2003

I'm the only one that gave him higher than a 0. So am I really the asshole? I mean really? Maybe Jon you are the asshole? you get angry at me because you didn't like my review? why because its a good score and you hate this game? What do you have against newbies Jon. We where all newbies once JON!
Posted by Buster 31st December, 2003

Lol, and why is everyone starting their reviews exactly like mine.
Posted by Ashman 31st December, 2003

Jon, you make me sick. He's just trying his best. I said what needed to be said because I knew that Buster was gonna be nice. That at least even if everyone else was mean, Chrisisle had Buster to lean on. But there you go, making Buster out to be the bad guy... now that poor newbie has no-one... Ever wondered why he hasn't commented? He's probably killed himself... AND IT'S ALL JONS FAULT!!!!! YOU SICK TWISTED DISGUSTING NEWBIE BASHER!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Posted by X Member-453 31st December, 2003

this is really funny, it's waaaaaay better then this, unfortunately this has no dandruff... :(
Posted by Evil Monkey 31st December, 2003

Ha ha, funny! XD
Posted by X Member-453 31st December, 2003

Posted by Smeggy 31st December, 2003

lol guys.. I simply stated that being totally sarcastic was just out of order (even if it was sorta funny) And ashman you hate me? - after all the love I gave you several weeks ago, you're nothing but a cheating scumbag!!! :P
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 31st December, 2003

Which said jokes? The part everyone's quoting i said... noone's quoting yours, i see. And even IF I HAD used your jokes, why the hell would you lecture me? Because I had liked them and wanted other people to see them? God, insults will only make me angry... and I have an anger problem, so you might not wanna do that.
Posted by Buster 31st December, 2003

It doesn't matter all the reviews are pretty much the same thing anyway, but by the way lol you have an anger problem? saying thats not going to stop anyone one from insulting you. I dont know... just take your anger out by writing more reviews I guess.
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 1st January, 2004

Why don't we stop this fucking argument? It's only gonna make more people look like assholes.
Posted by X Member-453 1st January, 2004

reviewed, haha
Posted by Karnage [Ragnarok Games] 1st January, 2004

Actually, this is very fun... to delete.
Posted by Ashman 3rd January, 2004

You all disgust me





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