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Santa goes tossing before christmas
Author: GFX software Submitted: 1st January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 115

Edited By GFX software on 3/7/2004

Edited By GFX software on 1/2/2004

What does Santa do all the time, during the 364 days before every Christmas night?
He does absolutely nothing but eating tons of greasy food, sitting by the fire.
Month by month, he gets so heavy that his poor reindeers could never draw the sledge, not even by a single inch, with the old fat guy and all the gifts onboard. And even if they could, what about sticking into chimneys?
So Santa needs to get back in shape (well, almost) in no time, and what's better than practising some sweat-soaking winter sport?
Extreme snowball tossing, maybe?
Go Santa, hold tight that bulky snowball, run breakneck and shoot it the farthest you can!

Game rules:
Rules are simple and easy to follow.
When the countdown is over, tap furiously on the action key to gain speed.
By reaching the first checkpoint (you'll see a sign with a red/yellow arrow painted on it, next to the trees, and a red/white stripe placed on the ground right underneath the sign) the speed you achieved will be sustained automatically from then on, and an aiming arrow will popup next to Santa.
Press and hold the action key to aim: the arrow will raise when the button is pressed, and quicly lower if you release the action key. Try to get the optimal angle in the same time you reach the final checkpoint. By reaching the end of the course, Santa will toss the snowball: the throw will be influenced by both the speed you gained in the first part of your run, and the aiming angle chosen in the second one.

CTRL (default key): action
K: change action key (keyboard / joypad)
M: music on/off
S: fx on/off

A game made by lasagnasoft:

Cappy (coding)
Hayato (graphics)
Fatpunk (musics)
MK (online high score table)

See readme.txr for more help!

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Posted by Shen 1st January, 2004

Best name effar :D
Posted by Stian B. 1st January, 2004

Nice graphics dude!
Posted by Yuhkaz 1st January, 2004

The name.. erm.. yknow.. GFX good
Posted by Ashman 1st January, 2004

I was a bit dubious at first... I mean... who wants to see Santa choke his bishop... but this game is da bomb...
Posted by Teapot 1st January, 2004

lol when i saw the name i thought this was an ashman game. Actually ashman games are rarely unsuitable, atom boy 2 was the first click game i ever downloaded (many years ago).
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 1st January, 2004

Hahahaha great title definetly catches the eye :). Ill download it because of the sweet title.
Posted by Jon Chambers 1st January, 2004

You could have a bit in the game where Ms Clause throws Santa off a cliff, and you could have in big print "Ms Clause tossed off santa!"
Posted by yuyu 1st January, 2004

mrs! ya dumbhead
Posted by Lupo 2nd January, 2004

Sweet Title and really fun game Cappy ;)!!
Posted by GFX software 2nd January, 2004

"The name.. erm.. yknow.. GFX good" ill' change my nick... call me Cappy :E
Posted by Kris 2nd January, 2004

it's "choke the chicken" you foob
Posted by Shen 2nd January, 2004

Or "jerk the gherkin"
Posted by Hayato - DGTal Factory 3rd January, 2004

Cool to see u guys like our little game! I am the graphician, it was also me who came up with the porno game title and, consequently, the stoopid story:D
Posted by Mk 3rd January, 2004

What about the online High Score Engine :P
Posted by Beppo 4th January, 2004

Good game boys... ;D





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