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Not Your Ordinary Pong
Author: Chakrila Submitted: 5th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 71

Edited By Chakrila on 1/6/2004

Edited By Chakrila on 1/6/2004

Once upon a time, in a networking class, all the students had taken the Net+ Exam, and were left to playing Microsoft Pinball in their groups.
One such group began talking about old games, such as pong.
One such student of that group suggested a pong with 'weapons,' and it was so.

There are 5 weapons in this pong.
There is a red bolt, that will send the ball flying towards your opponent, also giving it more speed.
There is a green bolt, that will split one ball into two. There is a limit of 20 balls, however.
There is a blue bolt that will turn one ball into none.
There is a Cloud, that depending on the player is blue or green, that will cause all balls in its path to follow behind it.
There is a Super Shot, that is better left for you to see.

Of course, these weapons take energy, and that energy is gained by absorbing other shots, or by catching and bouncing back the balls on the screen.

Along with these weapons and energy is a unique scoring system found only in this pong, where balls are worth more the slower they move and the longer they've been on the screen.
You can also score higher by not being scored on, but your bonus for this will be reset on even one mistake.

If you don't want two player action, there is an AI which will almost always school you in the art of Pong.

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Posted by Chakrila 6th January, 2004

link was updated, should be fine now...
Posted by Dark One 7th January, 2004

those are balls...
Posted by Lew 7th January, 2004

Chak, dude, long time no see. I'm Lew from Xeb. Your site went down so I just kinda assumed you'd gone. How's it going? Nice game. It's the only pong clone I've ever downloaded.
Posted by Nick Smith 7th January, 2004

lol, this sounds very similar to an old "reverse-pong" game I made a few years back ;) Great minds think alike maybe... I'll take a look!
Posted by Nick Smith 7th January, 2004

First impression = classy game. Much more professional looking than mine and pretty different game play which is clever but not instantly addictive...
Posted by Chakrila 7th January, 2004

Thanks for the comments everyone! I've been thinking about adding an intelligence option for the AI, since it is almost perfect at even 6 balls. Anyone else think that the AI is too unfair? Perhaps handicap its score a bit?
Posted by Teapot 8th January, 2004

great game





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