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Sole Survivor Demo
Author: Danto Submitted: 11th January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 33

Edited By Danto on 1/13/2004

Edited By Danto on 1/13/2004

Sole Survivor is a classic arcard style game. It features top down scrolling space shooting action. The demo features 4 weapons, 1 level, 1 sinister boss and some cool battle music. This is our first game creation.
There are full 3D cinematics which adds to the size of the download. More information on the game and the full version can be found at

The game has been re-optimized and the file size made smaller.

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Posted by gonefornow 12th January, 2004

lib graphics?
Posted by Dark One 12th January, 2004

They don't look like lib graphics Ice
Posted by Danto 12th January, 2004

gigas: It's all custom graphics. phizzy: I'm not sure why that is...I'll look into it.
Posted by gonefornow 12th January, 2004

well, custom graphics? Very nice work. Take it as a compliment that I asked. I was sure they had to be libs since they looked so nice. Downloading...
Posted by laguna 12th January, 2004

This isnt worth a 20 meg download. Using those small sprites, this could have EASILY crammed into just over a meg without all of the fluff. Need more enemies!!! There is a HUGE 10 minute void in the middle of the level where the same enemies keep coming out over and over and you dont feel like you are making any progress. It gets boring.
Posted by Danto 14th January, 2004

I managed to optimize some of the files and shrunk the download file a bit. The thing that seems to take up most of the space (as far as the actual game and not the movies/music) is the background which is 800x5000. Any suggestions on getting the pcx file smaller while retaining the look would be helpful. Thanks for the feedback everyone.





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