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Metal Gear Solid: Lash Scorpion Demo
Author: bluntmc Submitted: 23rd January, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 141

Whattup nerds. Before I left this site (you may remember me as hozz) I was working on a game which, as you should already know, was called Metal Gear Solid: Lash Scorpion. It was set to be one of the biggest, most sophisticated games of 2004, with its high standard graphics, advanced AI system, enhanced gameplay, unsurpassed attention to detail, and one of the biggest, most well-designed plots ever in a click game. It's plot, which took over 6 months of detailed planning, is literally bigger than most PS2 games today, and can only be compared to games such as MGS2, Final Fantasy 10, and Halo. It was first planned for a release in early 2003, then June 2003, and then sometime 2004. However, because it was such a vast game, it had been in development for a year and not even the demo was ready for release. For the full game to be completed, it would take about another 4-5 years, and it would be well over 100Mb. Someone tell me I'm crazy. Unfortunatley, I had to abandon the game because:
A) Life was getting too busy
B) A lot of the stuff I planned to have in the game just wasn't possible for TGF. Now matter how much I tried.
C) Again, the game would have been over 100Mb.
Mostly though it was just becuase I was using TGF, which had boundaries to it eg, the limit to objects per frame.
Anyway, a couple of days ago I was cleaning out my computer, when I found... TA DA! The first boss demo of the game. Unfortunately I had to remove some stuff from the demo, like when you are fighting the boss, there was originally far more detail. But, I had to keep it under 5Mb. Geocities only allows uploads of 5mb or less. So, here it is. I know how you all feel about cutscenes and codec screens, so I kept them at a minimum. In fact the longest cutscene is only 2 minutes. However, I really recommend you watch them, or you might miss a lot of the twists. And I almost garantee you wont beat the boss without reading the codec scene. I didnt have enough time to completely finish the weapons system, so you have unlimited ammo for the Socom and M16. One more thing, there are a few bugs which I couldnt fix. Eg, sometimes the boss walks over boxes.

Run: Arrow Keys
Shoot: Shift
Select Weapon: Alt Key, then go into the "Weapons" menu option, or just select the option with the mouse.
Skip Codec/cutscenes: Enter

Plenty of screenshots at: http://geocities.hoss2000au/
(the screenies are from the full game not the demo)

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Posted by Tidegear 23rd January, 2004

Well what do you f*%$ing know!? It's been a while man!... For those who don't know I gave Blunt advice for this game but he didn't really use any of it except for the code for an enemy persuing the player. I gotta say the racecar movement for the player is... not a good idea at all. BUT, If he had done stealth parts you woulda seen a rock solid stealth engine, much like the one I made in my game (Also on this site) called simply "Stealth" but only better. I basically redid the stealth engine for him to brainstorm over. To bad the Stealth v2 engine was never used. Until now... I am going to use that engine in a game I'm going to make soon... Anyway, man, gimme an email at, I'd like to tell you about a great idea I have for a stealth game combined with another genre that will make you think "Wow!" Tata for now...
Posted by Smeggy 23rd January, 2004

I'm fed up with these fan games, they give the actual games a bad name..
Posted by Simen 23rd January, 2004

umh... maybe a little bit hyped? hmmm? Well, I'll have to try it first...
Posted by Zane 23rd January, 2004

you really, REALLY shouldent use geocities. i carnt download it.
Posted by Pete Nattress 23rd January, 2004

"Whattup nerds." way to get the audience on your side.
Posted by Kirby Smith 23rd January, 2004

Sounds about like how most of my projects go... hours of labor over plot and planning for a game that I'll never have time to make. LOL, we should start a group called VaporWare -- hype the crap out of our brilliant ideas and then never deliver. It'd be fun.
Posted by 23rd January, 2004

If everyone would praise themselves, I'd be the king of Notredame. You REALLY must learn that you're not the best -not even average, by the by- , and that you just can't come in and say that your game is 'one of the most brilliant and technically complex games' of all times -considering you DON'T have anything to show (unless that boss was considered one of the most interesting -and complex- sections within the game)-. And, if "sometimes the boss walks over boxes," then I suppose you don't have/had anything more complex rather than that (boss moving with ball movement and dir calculator).
Posted by Simen 24th January, 2004

I could be a idea to include a exe file... not a gam... 'cuz, now I'll have to find KCdirect.cox... *sigh*...
Posted by Simen 24th January, 2004

Yeah, this seems kinda hyped... But the gfx is good. And you should make a new movement. Paul is rigth, the plot is very MGS1....
Posted by Tom 24th January, 2004

Dear mr.bluntmc, ~you suck
Posted by gonefornow 24th January, 2004

please include the files needed to play, not everyone has KCdirect.cox
Posted by Teapot 25th January, 2004

Heheh you said it Tom Filhol
Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 25th January, 2004

" Plenty of screenshots at: http://geocities.hoss2000au/ " Hmm... Well i hope theres no wrong with my comp. cause... man, I cant see any screenshots. The fact is.. I cant see nothing at all! Would be pleased to see some pictures of the game before i dload it. TIP: Try create games from your own mind. See all these "You suck"-posts u get? Thats because people gets this huge expectation of a game when its done after a game which already exists.. Try gather some of your friends and start planning a new game created by YOURSELF
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 25th January, 2004

I really don't think this is that bad... massively overhyped, certainly, but the presentation's been worked on. The movement feels a bit wrong, though.
Posted by Yuhkaz 26th January, 2004

lol I wont download seeing these comments... "massively overhyped, certainly" Wong Chung Bang - well said! 4-5 months working on the plot? I think not. "please include the files needed to play" Not to mention that. ALWAYS include whats needed to play the game. And Wartagon just said it. Good luck next time. "TIP: Try create games from your own mind. See all these "You suck"-posts u get? Thats because people gets this huge expectation of a game when its done after a game which already exists.. Try gather some of your friends and start planning a new game created by YOURSELF"
Posted by Ecstazy 1st February, 2004

Umm...I get a 404 when trying to download the file. And the website just has how do I get the game?
Posted by bluntmc 6th February, 2004

Paul: Your right, some people never learn... you still are the stupid pathetic faggot you always were... besides whats wrong with race car movements... the game wasnt about moving.... Tidegear: Sorry bro, i quit makin games years ago... prolly a good thing i did anyway... Zane: geocities was the only one i could use Pete Natress: Yeah, "whattup nerds". maybe that says something. Reality check dickhead, you are a nerd. Kirby: Fuck you. Go get some dick... Alonso: As I said dickcheese, it WAS a demo. It wasnt supposed to offer a whole lot... Semen boy: Plot is nothing like MGS1. The story changes... if you thought the plot you read on the demo is what took me 5 months... your wrong. The plot changes ALOT. But you dont know that coz its a demo. remember? I am not exaggerrating the complex plot trust me. TomF: Dear Mr. TomF, no, YOU suck. I lick. But of course, you can get pussy, so you rely on masturbation... Phizzy Games: Your not much yourself either little bitch. Fuck you go rape your mum... DamienM: You too. Warthog boy: Sorry to dissapoint you, but their is something wrong with you... oh yeah, and your computer. Phizzy: I never compared the game to MGS2 and FF10. I compared the PLOT to them.






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