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Unmarked Graves (Teaser Trailer)
Author: Mohr Stoutbeard Submitted: 26th May, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 232

This is a teaser trailer for the upcoming horror game "Unmarked Graves", where a man must uncover the truth about unthinkable horrors, and face an evil so terrifying it could exist only in your darkest nightmares.

NOTE: To view this teaser you will need the DivX codec and player, which you can get at:

I apologize for the slight inconvenience this may cause for those of you who do not yet have this codec, but it was the only way to maintain a high picture quality and keep an acceptable file size. I'm sure you will find it worth your while.

And by upcoming, I do of course mean that your grandchildren might get a demo. A short one.

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Posted by Karl Hedlund 26th May, 2002

Posted by Duncan 26th May, 2002

wow, this looks fantastic :D
Posted by QuADiE 26th May, 2002

Kewl. :)
Posted by 26th May, 2002

Cool! How did you make the DivX AVI, BTW?
Posted by Marcello 26th May, 2002

Curious, why did you use a rolling stones song?
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 26th May, 2002

That's why it's called a teaser trailer, Professor Incompetent.
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 26th May, 2002

I used a Rolling Stones song because it fit near perfectly with the mood of the teaser.
Posted by NapalmDoom 26th May, 2002

It's a great piece of work, I really can't wait to see the game in action. The artwork is sick, keep up the good work, Mohr. :) I think the choice of music is perfect, and it was really clever to make a movie as a teaser, and not some misguiding 'beta'.
Posted by Sumez 27th May, 2002

Alexander Truong: If you have the DivX codec, your computer is already able to use DivX as avi compression. All programs that are able to save avi files should be able to choose that for compression.
Posted by MasterM 27th May, 2002

This looks really cool. But I don't know what you have to do in this game. Surprise. Surprise. You used the song "Paint it Black" like the programmers of Twisted Metal Black for PSX 2. (The song is chosen good) Good luck with your game :)
Posted by HiredGun 27th May, 2002

Everytime I read comments made by stupid people (there aren't too many on this page thank God... only a couple) I sing this song to myself: I see the idiots, I want them painted black, No retards anymore, I want them to turn black, I see the stupid comments, Right here on this website, I have to turn my head, Until the idiots go...
Posted by Ecstazy 27th May, 2002

Well, the teaser makes me curious, but you could have told us more instead of all kinds of fancy effects and stuff...
Posted by NapalmDoom 27th May, 2002

Posted by HiredGun 27th May, 2002

Run to the hills, etc etc.
Posted by Chris Serio 27th May, 2002

This rocks my socks. I love the hyperkinetic editing and fades, they're awesome (I'm also a huge sucker for them). Paint it Black was a perfect choice for the song to use. It fit perfectly. Not to mention the fact that its one of my favourite songs. Overall, an awesome trailer Alex. I can't wait to play this even more now. *salivates* As to the people saying that there needs to be more game stuff...Erm..the point of a teaser trailer, as the name would very simply imply, is to tease you and make you want more. Which is exactly what this did. You guys went wrong when you started bitching about it. As a teaser, this does its job perfectly. I definantly want more. Thats how teasers work. Peace out ;)
Posted by ChrisOch 9th June, 2002

I love it when Mohr gets irked ;)!!! I can just feel the venom!!
Posted by Steve Swiftman 16th June, 2004

venom? what the fuck are you talking about? dumbass.





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