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Golden Girls: The Game! - Demo
Author: Mohr Stoutbeard Submitted: 21st June, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 296

Now, I know in the hullaballoo surrounding the release of Blackeye Software's "Eternal Daughter", this may get ignored, but I figured the interest shown by the preview might warrant a demo. Enjoy!

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Posted by T.U.G.A. 21st June, 2002

this has to be the coolest game i have ever seen! look out eternal daughter,THE GOLDEN GIRLS ARE COMING!
Posted by T.U.G.A. 21st June, 2002

no,accually,it wont let me play the game,error message
Posted by Jonas_e 21st June, 2002

Stunning... The gfx and the music!! Short but fun. Great work Mohr. Give us the sequel now!
Posted by Joshtek 21st June, 2002

What was the error message?
Posted by Poke & Gravy 21st June, 2002

OH man oh man oh man. Yeah thank god.
Posted by None41 21st June, 2002

Hell yes! I'm downloading this right now. Can't wait!
Posted by None41 21st June, 2002

Posted by HiredGun 21st June, 2002

Posted by Simdrone052 21st June, 2002

I went through about 2 hours trying to download this stupid peice of crap, because my old computer has a 28.8 modem and I get disconnected every 5 freaggin seconds! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! This is the suckiest thing ever, you POS!
Posted by Georgie 21st June, 2002

Omg You actually searched for the mp3 of it? Good Job. Adds to your touch.
Posted by Rhodesy 21st June, 2002

...that really looked fun aswell :(
Posted by HiredGun 21st June, 2002

OMG U POS ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111 U FAG HAHAHAha
Posted by FlameCritter 21st June, 2002

Posted by Lurch 22nd June, 2002

Posted by Yai7 22nd June, 2002

Stop making fun of this guy! He made a game about ladies that I just can't fond. So what? I didn't tried it due to the fact that I did'nt liked the TV show, But if it is truly seems to be a bad game, his next game will probably be much better, I am sure about it. Anyway. It is abit difficult to maintain, but I you can stand a 1 week of waiting, I am sure that it will be possible for us to submit our simple games again. Because right now, ED takes the spot. I did'nt submit my demo, because it is can be considered lowsy next to ED. But I don't really think that I could stand waiting a long week to submit it. And I really want an expert rating... ;P Whatever. It is'nt really your fault. Keep kliking! :)
Posted by Jonas_e 22nd June, 2002

DJ^NastyMan, I think you should download it. Really! Then you understand what we're talking about.
Posted by Simdrone052 22nd June, 2002

HAHAHA, this game is a peice of crap, download it to see what the "RAVE" is, muahahahah...
Posted by 22nd June, 2002

LOL! This was a really fun joke!
Posted by bhlaab 22nd June, 2002

I don't knwo what you're talking about! This games rules! It's like a mixture of Megaman 2, Super Metroid, and Final Fantasy VI all in one!
Posted by Alex Mangel 22nd June, 2002

LOL! Yeah it's amazing. Although I don't know the show at all, man, you really should finish this!!
Posted by Alex Mangel 22nd June, 2002

LOL! Yeah it's amazing. Although I don't know the show at all, man, you really should finish this!!
Posted by Mohr Stoutbeard 22nd June, 2002

This was a political statement. This is the elaboration:
Posted by xXAaronXx 23rd June, 2002

*sniff* this game...has to be...the greatest gift to mankind..e..ver :) thank you so much!!!!
Posted by Crono 25th June, 2002

ahh man u ruined my day!
Posted by Rhodesy 26th June, 2002

i cannot seem to get past the intro screen
Posted by Steve Swiftman 16th June, 2004

that's because you're a moron.
Posted by 25th April, 2006

And i doubt you will drink coffee today!
Posted by 1st February, 2007

Hah! Phizzy, im looking at your comment, two years later. lol
Posted by DaVince 19th October, 2007

Me too.

...What a bunch of morons.






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