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Heavy Mech AL
Author: blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) Submitted: 7th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 192

Edited By blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) on 3/8/2004

Man its been ages since ive made a game but here goes. Heavy mech Al is my entry for the DC mini comp in which you play a mercenary piolt sent on a mission by an evil galactic corporation to take down a workers rebelion on a distant space colony. using the 360 degree mouse control method developed by Paul Jefferies and highly destructive weapons like the concusion rifle, mini gun and missiles its fun for all the family.

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Posted by Nickstudios 7th March, 2004

Hey,this is cool
Posted by Cazra 8th March, 2004

The graphics are nice, but they don't go very well with the gameplay. It gets boring after a while.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 8th March, 2004

ok ok ill buy MMF2 when its out to compensate happy?
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 8th March, 2004

ha ha ha ha oh come on its great almost as good as vampire hunter D
Posted by The Chris Street 8th March, 2004

I agree with Snerlin. It looks great, but repetitive and limited in gameplay
Posted by Bastian 8th March, 2004

It`s a boring game, but the graphics are not so bad.
Posted by Killerjedi 8th March, 2004

Hellsing is awesome. I prefer it subbed, personally, it adds to the charm. ...The game has amazing graphics, but the gameplay is repetetive, it's hard to dodge, and I run out of bullets too quickly. Make it less bad. >_>
Posted by 8th March, 2004

funny how every car is an suv, just like in real life.
Posted by Simon Colmer 8th March, 2004

i agree wid most people, the gfx r good, but the gameplay is kinda anoying. But hey i havnt done much better so well done
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 8th March, 2004

yeh I did kind of spend a little to much time on the graphics but I think the combats pretty smooth if you take advantage of both missiles and guns. Anyway once the contest is over I might pick this one up again and add all the elements I wanted in it like weapon selection/buying, mission objectives etc I just didn't have enough time to really sex up the gameplay anymore. and ill never surrender on the e thing jeffers never a ha ha h a ha ha
Posted by DarkFish 8th March, 2004

The graphics are good, but like everyone keeps saying, the gameplay is... To be honest, very poor!
Posted by danjo 8th March, 2004

so is it common for you people at Heretic Emu Studios to PIRATE clickteam software?
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 8th March, 2004

no er just me....... but to be fair i do own legitimate versions of TGF and knp which probably wouldnt hold water in a court of law but hey
Posted by Brad† 8th March, 2004

Nice main sprite graphic, the reast is pretty mediocre though. The explosions are really poor and out off place, and i can't make out what half the backdrops are supposed to be. Also this "360 degree movement" is anything but.. Basically whatever code you're using is just rounding off whatever angle your mouse is to the nearest default direction.. it's still only 32 directions
Posted by thewreck 8th March, 2004

i played it, i thought about it, and i came to the conclusion: the main robot would have been cool if not right and left would have been completely horisontal. the mech engine feels very wrong, nothing like a mech would move about. (dont use 8-dir movement) battles consist of u holding both mousebuttons just throwing all u got at the enemies, and when the shield gets down just move back and wait for it to get up again. there is not variation in the enemy AI, they seem to only have one mode, move towards you and shoot. the best part of the game thought was the way the enemy robots died, that explosion was nice, except if you killed em out of screen, it waited to explode until you got in there. it would have been cool if you would have added a little computer screen in the interface somewhere, where when u gave a good show some engineers would pop up and say hurray! good show! or something of the kind. the aiming was using the ol' 32 dirs and fels very limited right away. even if only your upper torso was over a car it would crush, making u feel alot wider then u accually were. same with enemy hits, they could hit you almost like if all shots were on a 2d plane. add some shadow under the shots to get a scence of where they are to improve dodge ability.. well thats all! happy further clicking.
Posted by Assault Andy 9th March, 2004

Graphics are great, gameplay isn't so much.
Posted by ChrisB 9th March, 2004

It certainly showed that you spent most of your time on the graphics :P Anyway, you listen to thewreck, he makes excellent games so he knows a thing or two :)
Posted by The Chris Street 9th March, 2004

Furry was made in a week. Zone Runner 1 in five days. I'm only critisising the gameplay, because the graphics are bootiful. This ones a case of style over substance if you ask me.
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 9th March, 2004

well I still don't believe personally its a bad game and at the end of the day furry and zone runner 1 were made by people with a hell of a lot more coding experience than me. Although to be fair looking at the votes it seems pretty 50 50 at the moment
Posted by MasterM 9th March, 2004

"Oh yeah, I forgot I let you 'borrow' my copy" say HELLO to clickteams lawyer. i just send them an e-mail. oh boy you'll get sued. i am not kidding!
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 9th March, 2004

nice did i run over your dog or something
Posted by Brad† 9th March, 2004

i honestly doubt many people who make games in the community have actually purchased mmf 1.5, it's a scam. don't waste your money, wait for mmf2
Posted by thewreck 10th March, 2004

firemonkey: thanx! i havnt showed much lately, hopefully that will change soon ;D
Posted by ChrisB 10th March, 2004

To be quite honest MasterM, I doubt Clickteam will worry that much if someone lends their copy of MMF to a friend. KaZaA yes, borrowing... probably not. Besides, they're going to have to prove that Paul had MMF installed at the time that Blueemu did, as it's fine if only one of them did. Do you think it's worth the effort?
Posted by MasterM 10th March, 2004

If Novabrain is going to sue them itís worth all my effort. j/k @Brad : Sounds like you support making clickteam poor (I think they are already poor). Thereís nothing wrong with destroying evil Microsoft. They are rich enough but if we donít buy clickteamís products there wonít be something like MMF 2 in the future. They are a nice little programming group- One of us. They listen to us and even meet us in real life so support them as much as you can. GO Clickteam!
Posted by BullDozer 10th March, 2004

Well after all this offtopic stuff about mmf, lets get back to the game. *Bluemu, please dont take this as an offense.* The game isnt soo good to be completely honest with you its crap... The main screen pix rocks, but its not rendered to fit into a black background, thats why all this ugly pixel junk is around the bot. I love the briefing screen, too. It looks damn professional. But the game itself..... Theres not much animation in it(no muzzle flashes, no GOOD explosions....) And btw you should really really work on your walking animations-iīd help you wit this :-) Just dc-mail me. The sounds are ok. The game play...well the projectiles are coming out 32dir out of a 8 dir gun-this sucks and looks bad. I cant say it gets boring after a while coz i didnt play that long. The enemies seem to hit you all the time and when you dead it doesnt even look like it, the game just jumps back to the first frame. To end with a positive comment I LOVE RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, especially KNOW YOUR ENEMY XD. Dude, as i have mentioned above iīm just being honest, i dont want to start a flame war or some shit like and if you think "That asshole is just a n00b and cant do it better...." Hm, i could give you the link to MY compo entry. So you could go and check yourself what i did in half of the time..... Anyway
Posted by Peter Pham 12th March, 2004

CooooL!! it been made on mu birthday:D:D:D:D
Posted by Imadjinn 13th March, 2004

Good looking but repetitive. There isnt enough action and I dont know about the rest of you but the weapons either wouldnt fire or didnt do damage on several occassions (thats what killed me!)
Posted by 25th March, 2004

Tasty game. Let's take a bite.
Posted by Gash jackel 8th May, 2004

It's good but not what I was expecting........AWESOME^_^





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