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Scorched Metal
Author: BullDozer Submitted: 11th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 301

Edited By lordsteve on 3/12/2004

Edited By lordsteve on 3/11/2004

Scorched Metal is a platformshooter or better a *jump-n-run-n-gun*. It contains 1 level and 4 different weapons to choose from. The scenery is terminator-esque, you know, lots of skullpiles everywhere, destroyed cities and so on... postapocalyptic-style .

The controls:
Walk with the cursor buttons
Shoot with ctrl
Launch rockets with space
Jump with shift

This is my entry to shabs mini compo about robots. I had exactly 1 week to make this game, so its a bit short.

But still......enjoy!

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Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 11th March, 2004

the download at file commander-thing doesnt work. looks neat though.
Posted by ChrisB 11th March, 2004

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Zip file corrupt :'(
Posted by MasterM 11th March, 2004

oh noes!
Posted by Pete Nattress 11th March, 2004

you sure chris? works fine when i download...
Posted by ChrisB 11th March, 2004

Broadband. I didn't have time to redownload, I'll try again now.
Posted by ChrisB 11th March, 2004

Downloaded and completed within about 5 minutes. Looks great, not much gameplay but it's quite fun to explode things :)
Posted by SoftWarewolf 11th March, 2004

lol it seems to end here :P
Posted by A.C. softwareŠ 11th March, 2004

nice graphics and everything else EXCEPT it gets pretty boring after a while, nice game though ;)
Posted by Cazra 11th March, 2004

The graphics are good, especially with the explosions and weapon effects. But that's about all the game is.
Posted by BullDozer 12th March, 2004

Yes, thats all the game was intended to be! It was just me fooling around with tgf for shabs compo. Thx for the comments y´all 8-)




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