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Tinmen Brown Lite
Author: Michael V. Parent Submitted: 14th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 181

Edited By Wong Chung Bang on 3/14/2004

Tinmen are microscopic"nanite" robots who exist within a human-sized android and facilitate any necessary adjustments or repairs. See if you can guide these little guys to the glowing "door" that represents the goal in their simple, one-track minds.

This is the Lite version which has 10 unique levels.

Each full edition has 20 levels of increasing difficulty and the games built in autosave keeps track of the levels you've beat and how well you've done. Skip past the levels you've already finished, or play them again to improve your ratings.

Each edition features 20 levels of new graphics, new background music and new gameplay elements that will test your ability at finding patterns.

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Posted by Penguin Seph 14th March, 2004

Looks cool! Downloading now!
Posted by Cazra 14th March, 2004

Nice graphics, but it seems repetitive in gameplay. Nothing really special, I think. Nice work anyways.
Posted by Tongs 14th March, 2004

Interesting concept and gameplay... very nice presentation. Overall, a good game.
Posted by istvan 15th March, 2004

Very nice, I finished it. Might even review this one.
Posted by istvan 15th March, 2004

Posted by Chrisbo 15th March, 2004

It's alright. Stormin Thunder is much better!
Posted by janne valtonen 15th March, 2004

kewl :O
Posted by haloboycs 15th March, 2004

corrupted zip...
Posted by Evil Monkey 15th March, 2004

It's alright. The levels don't have enough variety. All there seems to be are spikes, moving platforms, moving platforms with spikes, moving platforms with retractable spikes, moving platforms with side-spikes, moving platforms with bottom spikes and side-spikes, moving platforms that- Everyone else: "Shut up!"
Posted by Michael V. Parent 15th March, 2004

Hey fellow simmian :) I know there's not alot of variety in this game, but thats part of the philosophy behind the games design. Each edition will have a theme, Brown's was obviously, you guessed it, spikes!, Tinmen Blue's will be electricity. There will still only be walking, crouching and jumping, but, believe it or not, the gameplay will be quite different. The onlyt "power-up" in Tinmen will be practice and becomming more skilled, but if your looking for weapons and new moves and innovative things like ENEMIES and stuff, then stay tuned, cause my next big project is a platformer with all that and more, sort of a cross between mega-man and metroid. Wish me luck.
Posted by Justin 15th March, 2004

This is retardedly hard. It's fine to make a hard game but it's stupid to have so few lives or lives at all when the basis is about memorizing the patterns. Nobody is gonna sit through the damn title and company logo screen shit more than 3 times after getting jabbed on the first row of spikes.
Posted by istvan 16th March, 2004

Justin: the game is not 'retardedly hard'. I whipped few all the levels without having to restart once. You see those little heart like things? Well theyre hearts, collect them to boost your lives. If thats not enough theres also a load game function, all you have to do is press up to recall the last level you died one. Simple. Fun. Addictive.
Posted by matrixkitty 16th March, 2004

use the force err...umm patience is required to beat this game it's not too similat to other platformers because of this but i do enjoy it
Posted by Strife 16th March, 2004

A nice little platform game, yes, but a 9/10 review? Geez! Lately, people here at the Daily Click have been WAY too generous with reviews. I enjoy the general idea behind Tinmen, but the gameplay is as stale as bread. And you're making a Blue version? Why not put both the Brown and Blue version in one game? :p
Posted by Justin 17th March, 2004

You must have misunderstood. I have downs syndrom and retardedly hard is what I call it when I get an erection. So it is a good thing that this game gets me retardedly hard.
Posted by istvan 19th March, 2004

Im sure your post was deleted for a reason in the first place, Justin, unless you deleted it so you could be at the bottom of the page, in which case you are twisted





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