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Possesed to Sk8
Author: Rude_Head Submitted: 27th March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Sport Downloads: 158

I sat down and actually put a bit of effort into this one.

Choose from one of 2 amature skaters to get the top score. Skate 3 levels.

Are you possesed to sk8

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 28th March, 2004

This is much better than your earlier attempts.
Posted by Raimo 28th March, 2004

Well. This isn't so good, but it isn't so bad!
Posted by Smeggy 28th March, 2004

Its better than your previous games but it still has many faults, for example, the FAKE loading screen.. Oh and using an installer is not exactly a good thing either.
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 28th March, 2004

ummm, what do you do in it?
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 28th March, 2004

Somekind of "cool". Same fake loading screen...same what i used.
Posted by Muggus 29th March, 2004

Wasn't too bad. The graphics are pretty cool and the animations. But the engine is just a bit dodgy.
Posted by BullDozer 29th March, 2004

No screens
Posted by Mark 29th March, 2004

Rude_head, the way you phrase this is as if you sat down and made it recently. It's around 2 or 3 years old-and it shows. It's awful.
Posted by Jetstar 29th March, 2004

Eactly what do you do? BTW No screenshots NO download
Posted by AfterStar 29th March, 2004

No screenies......NO Download.......Simple!
Posted by Jetstar 30th March, 2004

Posted by joelr_2000 31st March, 2004

I'll have to agree with you on that one Jetstar, he can be bit of a pimp!
Posted by KevinHaag 31st January, 2005

That game sucks! Maybe next time make it so you can actually land a trick!!!





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