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Author: Rude_Head Submitted: 23rd March, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 163

The season finale, the best episode yet. A just discovered temple is causing havoc on earth. Something much greater will happen...

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Posted by AS Filipowski 23rd March, 2004

Why dont u just put them all in one download idiot
Posted by Astral_86 23rd March, 2004

I think I'm encountering a noob here... no one's gonna download this... ESPECIALLY not all of them :P sorry dude
Posted by BullDozer 23rd March, 2004

WtF? Are you flooding for dcpoints? Allright thats enough, no "GOIN BANANAS 6", please !!
Posted by vortex2 23rd March, 2004

argh the horror! lib graphics and made in knp!!! WHY!!!!
Posted by 23rd March, 2004

administrators! Stop him!
Posted by ChrisB 23rd March, 2004

I think that monkey's not the only one going bananas.
Posted by AS Filipowski 23rd March, 2004

Strip his DC points and his dignity!
Posted by Kris 23rd March, 2004

Steve, you've posted the same message on all six of these games. you're just as bad as him
Posted by Mark 23rd March, 2004

Ah...Kurt. If I remember rightly, from Ferg's old site, you suck major ass.
Posted by clwe 23rd March, 2004

This game's not the only one thats 'going bananas' round about now... *apologies for the poor joke, couldn't resist*
Posted by Jetstar 23rd March, 2004

Posted by Rude_Head 23rd March, 2004

Please don't insult me these are my best efforts :(
Posted by vortex2 23rd March, 2004

ok , I know you use KNP so your games are limited (you should REALLY upgrade) But here are some things you can still do: 1) make your OWN graphics. using lib graphics is a big big tabbo around here. 2) for click games, NEVER change styles mid game. Dont have one frame have your character big and the next have him really small. that is soo not cool. 3) Use Bosses SPARINGLY, unless it adds to the story and it is a MUST have then use a boss. but the thing is, your games non boss levels arent that fun :S you jump and shoot. there is not much challange at all, if you added some more game elements, perhaps something to correct, ect it would be funner 4)Code your OWN movement, the default platform movement is soo awful. If you upgraded to mmf, you could use the platform movement extention that would allow you to have much better movement much faster. or upgrade to TGF atleast and you will still be able to download movement examples atleast. there is NO support for knp XP.
Posted by Jetstar 23rd March, 2004

"Please don't insult me these are my best efforts" Hey sorry. I was little crazy. I cant make games even if i tried. Instead of useing Lib GFX use your own. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Posted by Jetstar 23rd March, 2004

But really realeasing 5 games is wrong puting all the games into ONE download
Posted by Tongs 24th March, 2004

Stop bashing him, guys. He's obviously not a very experienced game designer. We all had to start somewhere, you know. Cut him a little slack. I think your games are fine, Rude_Head. However, I would strongly recommend that you draw all the graphics yourself (it looks alot nicer). Also, you probably could have just put all 5 games together to avoid 'flooding' DC like that.
Posted by Rude_Head 24th March, 2004

Thanks radiofrog these other panny wastes don't realise that i have only just began to learn
Posted by BullDozer 24th March, 2004

@kris: yeah, i know i´ve posted the same message in all 5 downloads -to make it stick inside of his head and stop him from posting another 5 "Going bananas" ! @radiofrog: well, youre right. I appologize: Sorry pal :-D well definetly all started somewhere...
Posted by BullDozer 24th March, 2004

"Steve, you´ve posted the same message on all 6 of these games..." -6 games? As far as i know there is no sixth yet. Wtf are mumbling about?? "´re just as bad as him." -whatever, kris.
Posted by Crystal Clear (H.E.S) 24th March, 2004

Lol, i dont see whats the big deal about the whole DC points thing.
Posted by pixelscope 24th March, 2004

I like GOINGBANANAS tm. Can't wait for the next one in the series.
Posted by alibaba 24th March, 2004

Posted by The Chris Street 24th March, 2004

...panny wastes?
Posted by Jetstar 24th March, 2004

"Thanks radiofrog these other panny wastes don't realise that i have only just began to learn" WELL I SAID SORRY!!!!!! GEEZ!!!! "i have only just began to learn" Yes. your off to a great start. I'm going to realease my game soon come flame me if you want my games are crap.
Posted by =FrAgGy9100= 24th March, 2004

Rudehead, im glad to stop you. But i can't. So, one administrator is enough to stop. Sorry :(
Posted by Willy C 24th March, 2004

I love monkies...Ive started to do a monkey game myself, Il finish it when Unrelenting P1 is finished.
Posted by Kris 24th March, 2004

Sorry, I meant 5
Posted by joelr_2000 24th March, 2004

Welcome to the planet of the Apes
Posted by tdc052621 24th March, 2004

I think everyone id going bananas
Posted by 25th March, 2004

shitty game. Even an amateur can do better !!!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 26th March, 2004

Alright, I'm sorry, Rude_Head but this game really isn't that good. I've said this before: Ripped Graphics=Death Mark. You uploaded five monkey games at the same time without a good description. It doesn't look like you put much effort in these. If you make a 'season 2' MAKE YOUR OWN GRAPHICS! And try to make a custom engine, (and get MMF ;))! Oh yah, I wouldn't use your own voice for the game...I dunno why...I just wouldn't. Good luck!
Posted by Echisketch(PS) 26th March, 2004

better yet, get TGF, or EVEN better, don't even think of clicking ever again.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 28th March, 2004

Your voice is spooky.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 29th March, 2004

Rude_Head, I mean.





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