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Alien Mission
Author: Biteg Submitted: 6th April, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 49

A space invaders game I made one year ago. Don't mind the weird names I used for the high scores. There's not very much to say about it, it's a space invaders clone.

Ctrl to shoot
Left and right arrows to move

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Posted by Teapot 7th April, 2004

Posted by J.A.P. (Jarmo Airaksinen Productions) 7th April, 2004

"Error while opening file!" ...right... darn
Posted by Simen 7th April, 2004

Indeed. [Insert large annoying space] Blimey!
Posted by Astral_86 7th April, 2004

This game.. Sux BIG TIME!!!
Posted by Biteg 7th April, 2004

*In sarcasm*Thank you, I accept your compliments.
Posted by Tongs 7th April, 2004

Super Fun Frog Tip #1: If you want to submit a game to DC, go for it. But if it is a year-old generic been-there-done-that kind of game that isn't exactly top quality, I would advise against submitting it. We all like to see people taking the initiative to submit more games, but if you think about it, how many space invader-type games do we really need? We don't want DC to get flooded with low quality games (no offense to your own work presented here). Instead, try to submit bigger, more recent and polished games... it'd be alot better for both us. Trust me. And as far as this game goes, it's a decent space invaders clone. I hope that your next game will be a bit more polished, though.
Posted by Tongs 7th April, 2004

Oh, and I apologize for the idiotic comments posted previously. There are alot of insensitive morons around here, it seems.
Posted by Biteg 7th April, 2004

uuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh...I don't really have an excuse for that.
Posted by :JULI@N: 7th April, 2004

up down
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 10th April, 2004

If it wasn't for Radiofrog, the comments would have been a complete waste of time to read. Is it so hard to just... I dunno... stop doing stupid stuff? What's with the large spaces, and the generic "this game sux" with no reason why? It only takes an extra minute or so worth of effort to write something decent, and if you're going to be stupid you can save effort by just not writing anything at all. Oh, back on topic... Biteg, you should listen to Radiofrog. When you make a game, spend a few hours, minutes, whatever you can possibly bring yourself to do, and polish things up a bit. Don't use library graphics, because people will hate you for it. It sounds a bit extreme, but it's true... library graphics = eternal hatred. If you can't draw anything yourself, ask for some help on the Solitaire Club board in the forums. Oh, and never resort to ripping graphics from other games. It's almost worse... but not quite, because it actually takes a small amount of effort to rip graphics.
Posted by Monkey33333 10th April, 2004

I want... A big space comment too.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 30th April, 2004

My God, these comments are a waste of space. :P
Posted by Daiz [Team Fire Games] 13th May, 2004

Of course They are.
Posted by Plooscva 6th November, 2006





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