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Review: Alīs Home
Author: Poke & Gravy
Added: 29/05/2002

I love this game! The best part about it is its creativity! It is interesting and fun.

GAMEPLAY(-Very fun to play with an excellent concept! The percentage counter is a great way to measure the players skill as the player tries to shoot enough creatures before it runs out. What detracts the two points from the gameplay is that I would like the monsters a little easier to aim at, not too easy, just so you wouldn't think you hit a guy but actually missed. Other than that a good mouse-controlled hunting shooter.

PRESENTATION(10)-Beautiful undersea atmosphere! What makes this game great is all the little details. The coral and plants are rich and colorful, and the HUGE variety of funny creatures each have their unique funny look. The perspective in the game is also beautiful! Creatures get smaller in the background AND when you scroll the sea floor in back moves slower than that in front, which is exactly how perspective works. The creator of this game is obviously very creative and artistic!

LASTABILITY(10)-I was hooked from the start! I am always interested to see what different creatures appear as they vary each time. And when I discovered there was a bonus game I was more hooked than ever, trying to get it again and again! A perfect arcade game because of its addictive qualities.

Overall an excellent goof-off game that can be quickly played but easily addicted to, and with its artistic excellency on top of that it deserves the 10/10 I give it!


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