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Caverns of Xin Xiao Xu
Author: defenestrator Submitted: 4th July, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 321

Edited By Pete Nattress on 7/5/2004

Caverns of Xin Xiao Xu is a turn-based strategy arcade game. The object is to move through the various levels, fighting monsters, collecting power-ups, improving your skills, and most of all, picking up the treasure that was left behind when the monsters first appeared. But it won't be enough to simply pick up the treasure; if you die in the mines, your treasure is lost along with your life. If you escape alive, you get to keep what you've earned, and your earnings will be measured against other looters from around the world. If you are truly adept, you may survive long enough to face the source of this evil himself: Xin Xiao Xu!

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 of Xin Xiao Xu.exe (3.22mb )

Posted by Stefan Hertz-Orre 5th July, 2004

Wow, or as we say in sweden "Så jävla coolt" A real GOTW!!!
Posted by Wilderness (Ultra Soft) 5th July, 2004

fan vad jävla koolt
Posted by alibaba 5th July, 2004

hehewhy is there a smurf in the caverns?
Posted by Astral_86 5th July, 2004

Läckert ! :D Gonna prova fan!
Posted by Hikari 5th July, 2004

İ čǻηţ śρǽķ Ŝŵęđĩşħ
Posted by Hikari 5th July, 2004

WOA look at that I'm at the top of the High score list! It's me, Hikari XD Awesome game man ;) (or woman, whatever you want)
Posted by defenestrator 5th July, 2004

Tack själv , Sverige. And thanks to everybody else, too. I like how it's not, "Why is there a smurf stabbing me?" like it's weirder for smurfs to be in caves than for smurfs to be running around trying to kill people with knives. Either way, mankind is clearly not meant to understand the ways of the smurfs. Oh, and congrats on having the top score so far, Hikari. But will it last?
Posted by ChrisB 5th July, 2004

People aren't surprised that Smurfs stab people, after all they probably saw the cartoon on albinoblacksheep
Posted by Kramy 5th July, 2004

Defenstrator: Good game! :D Deserves to win GOTW. Too bad you're up against so many other good games. I got 2537!! :)
Posted by defenestrator 5th July, 2004

Yeah, I didn't know I'd be going up against last week's stuff when I submitted this yesterday. Maybe I misunderstand the concept of a "week." It's really too bad that anything good would go unrecognized when weeks will sometimes go by without anything really great coming out, but I suppose we've had that debate before, so I guess that's just how it goes sometimes. Anyway, thanks to all who voted for me and/or gave a thumbs up. Novasoft- if I ever make a sequel, I've planned on making it so you can see more than four lines of information. I might add a setting so people can change how fast things happen, too.
Posted by Hill Gigas 5th July, 2004

hey man, great game! :D
Posted by Shadow99 5th July, 2004

Interesting. But without a save feature there is no point. Instead of turning this into a "collect as much as you can in one try", you should have turned it into a D&D style RPG. Gameplay: 10/10. Common sense: 1/10.
Posted by Hamish M 5th July, 2004

That goes against the whole point of the game you idiot. Anyway its a great game, I nearly got 5000 loot but I died
Posted by defenestrator 5th July, 2004

Shadow, I can see how this might frustrate some people who would have preferred a full-length RPG, but honestly, that would have taken a lot longer and probably would not have been as good as many of the RPGs that are already out there, so why bother? Conversely, there aren't a lot of V-Cade games that appeal to me because most of them are tests of reflexes or coordination. I saw a chance to make a different kind of game that would appeal to different people, and although innovation may alienate those looking for something familiar, it's the only way that games evolve.
Posted by defenestrator 5th July, 2004

Besides all that, I wanted there to be a consequence for dying. Today I ran up 46,000 before I got cornered by a bunch of potato golems. I guess it's a good thing I didn't get to submit that high of a score to my own game. :p
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 5th July, 2004

You're tied for second Def. That's not too bad.
Posted by Hill Gigas 5th July, 2004

It is a well made game, I've played a few times. The smurfs spank me, so I guess I'm not very good at it. :P I can also understand shadow wanting a save system. This would be an good rpg. Use the engine and make one someday, just with a simple save setup. Regardless, it's very well done as it is.
Posted by Kramy 5th July, 2004

Woohoo, 6.2k!! :D I love this. Definately voting it.
Posted by _Elektro2000 5th July, 2004

Posted by Tomssuli 6th July, 2004

Wow, must try this when I can download it! (can't do it here on my workplace computer =/)
Posted by Nillo 6th July, 2004

This game is awesome! Maybe items or magic spells would give it a little more depth?
Posted by kid ollie 6th July, 2004

sorry but its is not a good game the player graphec and enemy graphecs are very bad and it is boring and to fast.
Posted by Kramy 6th July, 2004

Funny how turn-based is too fast? :D
Posted by Shadow99 6th July, 2004

wow, got lots of power ups, time to save my game... oh wait... DOH!!!!
Posted by Kramy 7th July, 2004

I agree with the jiggly-puff things. Those were nasty, especially when they cornered me. Maybe 1 extra level per/before each monster type?
Posted by defenestrator 7th July, 2004

First off, thanks to Hamish for the flattering review. I know not everyone loves the game, but not everybody made Commando, either, so it's nice to get a 9/10 from one of the more accomplished people around here. Nils- items and spells are good ideas. I wanted to keep things simple, here, but if I ever get around to making a sequel, I've already considered adding them. Shadow99- if you want to play Diablo, you can play Diablo. Dustin- yeah, I thought about trying to make more of a bell curve rather than straight randomness, but A) I'm not that smart, and B) it would have made lower enemies even weaker, which contributes to what I see as being the weakest part of the game. If I ever get around to making a bigger game out of this, I will probably try to make really weak enemies run away from you, and I'll be able to make things more consistent. And for everyone else who has suggested that I make more of a straight RPG, I have thought about this, but I've worked on this game pretty much exclusively for over two years. I can't even imagine how long it would take to complete an RPG, and right now, I'm really wanting to do other, shorter projects. It may happen at some point, but probably not until well after everyone here has found better things to do with their time (except me, of course).
Posted by Hamish M 7th July, 2004

The creator of the commando demands the difficulty of the monkeys to be reduced! Everyone who agrees say aye
Posted by defenestrator 7th July, 2004

Yeah, those mummkees are probably the toughest creatures in the game if you compare them to the stats you're likely to have when you first meet them. It's probably not much consolation, but I think the game starts to get easier after them because the levels tend to be larger and you usually don't get stuck with levels that don't have any powerups. Anyway, I'm aware of some pretty big problems with this. There's a way to be more successful at this, but it's not a lot of fun. Whatever I do with this in the future, I'll have to look at ways to remove that, and introduce new ways for the player to advance rather than simply relying on what the randomization process hands you. At any rate, I appreciate the comments. There's a lot of good suggestions to consider.
Posted by Kramy 7th July, 2004

Sadness. :( I look forward to your next, slightly easier version. :)
Posted by defenestrator 7th July, 2004

The lesson to be learned is truly that fate is a cruel mistress.
Posted by MattB 8th July, 2004

reminiscent of nethack, but not nearly as annoying because you don't have to remember what _every single key_ on the keyboard does
Posted by SlowMotionRiot 9th July, 2004

Keep up the great work, man. It definitely fulfills the need for that 'quick fix'. Your decision for keeping it simple was a good choice. I have this installed at work, and it's caused much time wastage! ...Keep your eye on the high score table for me! --SMR
Posted by Tallas 3rd August, 2004

Wow this game looks sweeeeeeeeeet
Posted by KlikFactory 14th August, 2004

I like it a lot. ;D
Posted by axel 11th February, 2005

fan så jävla coolt! (haha)
Posted by Hempuli 29th May, 2006

ja det är! (Mwahah! I have learned that in school!!)
Posted by defenestrator 18th July, 2006

Oh... sice this is old and no one will ever read this, I think you can skip to the last level by pressing the "Home" key from the main menu. If that doesn't work, then I am wrong. Sorry!
Posted by Nova Soft 15th August, 2006

LoL, I'm reading it m8
Posted by alastair john jack 10th April, 2007

why would you read that?
Posted by DaVince 23rd May, 2007

Cool, lol.





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